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One Button Game Jam 2022 is a recurring jam inspired by The Playability Initiative. 
See the 2020 INTERVIEW HERE.

We are looking for games that specifically meet the following criteria:
Can the game require press and hold? Answer: No press and hold. (Holding pressure on a button for specific lengths of time may be challenging for people who are using adaptive buttons/switches.
Does pressing a screen count as a button? Answer: Yes, tapping on a screen can count as a button, so long as tapping the screen accomplishes the same thing no matter where you tap on the screen. No targeted tapping to accomplish different objectives (As this would essentially create unlimited buttons.)
Can the design utilize the joystick as well as one button? Answer: No, everything the player needs to do should be able to be accomplished with a single switch or button.
Can the design use a double-tap feature? Answer: No. Players who have low motor control may not be able to tap a button quickly enough a second time to have it register as a "double tap" instead of as a second single tap. Design that relies on double tap bars users with slower response times from ever choosing the "double tap" option.

Some suggestions for achieving the above criteria but allowing for choice and responses are:

  • Using time-based cycling between options
  • Using large timing margins of error
  • Allowing for undo if the player chooses the wrong option
  • Including accessibility options to control timing speed
  • Pausing the player at decision points
  • Also please make your submissions free until after the jam, preferable executables or browser based. 
  • Mobile games should have screen tap only, no swiping. 
  • Purchased open source artwork and code snippets from previous projects OK. 

INSPIRATION SOURCES: (Some of the following examples are not perfect and may violate above criteria)

The Playability Initiative is using gaming to celebrate creativity, nurture togetherness, and activate empathy, in service to the Spinal Muscular Atrophy Community and beyond and is founded by the team at Numinous Games. Numinous Games first title, That Dragon, Cancer, was created as a poetic memorial to their third son Joel, and Joel's fight against terminal brain cancer. TDC received broad critical praise, winning a BAFTA award for innovationG4C award for innovation, and a 2016 Peabody / Facebook Futures of Media award.


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Don't let the skeletons get the graves.
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Press a switch > blow a bubble > pop the target
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Fight through space with just one button
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