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Welcome to Odd Weekend Game Jam 7

Why not start a game jam on an odd day and finish on one too.

Try a new mechanic for a prototype, or make a game. It's totally up to you!!

*Winning Prize*

*Odd Weekend Game Jam Coffee Mug with your game on it, and your game featured on the website for a week!!*


  • Use any engine of your choice
  • Assets, Prototype, or Game must be made within jam
  • Must Use Theme
  • Game Must be free to play
  • Be Respectful
  • Jam Solo or team up 
  • Submit something
  • And always Have fun!!!!


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Discord: Join discord community -

Theme: Slice of Life

Suggested Theme By: MaplePoki

Have an theme suggestion?

Post a theme in the (Community Section) that would be great as this weekend theme

*Need help thinking of some words? * Random Word Generator

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Defeat your exams! Study, but don't get too bored, or else the exams get harder!
Play in browser
A game about noses and the people who pick them
A text adventure
A Slice of Life platforming game created for Odd Weekend Jam created by Joose and danbolt