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Theme: Outerspace [Optional: Narrative Exploration]
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Welcome to NotMoeJam!

Everyone has things going on in their lives and we want to cater for that by running a two-month-long jam, with a break month in-between subsequent jams to ensure that jammers aren't getting fatigued. The purpose of this Jam isn't to draw out polished gems from people, this is a low-workload jam where people can work when they're able instead of having to make room for it. In fact, it's partly the reason behind the name - we do NOT expect the games to be MOE, though there's no penalty if they are of course.

We love to involve as many people as we can in the structure of the Jam, as well as it's theme and content. So, if you have an idea or opinion we'd love to hear you voice it on our discord. This jam is organized and ran from Western Australia, so we'd love to have more people from abroad! If you're not interested at the moment, please consider keeping us in your back pocket in case your regular jam doesn't pan out or if you'd to discuss/show-off anything.

Jam #9

This will be our first two-month jam, I hope you'll join us for it. Additionally, this time the vote will be held for both a Theme and a Genre/Mechanic. You're not required to stick to both for your game, though it's totally cool if you do. This is to hopefully alleviate some of the choice paralysis or mental block that sometimes accompanies a theme and provide a more concrete base to fall back on - or provide inspiration.


  • Assets you've previously made are allowed, except for partial/full games (ie. pilfer for parts, but don't use wholesale).
  • Third-party assets are allowed, provided you have the rights to and comply with their licenses - such as by providing attribution.
  • All team members must be credited in the submission.
  • Desktop submissions (Windows/OSX/Linux) must be playable without an installer.
  • Mature content is allowed, unless it's explicit/immature/insensitive, and should be marked.


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Push away the world.
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Your friendly universe neighborhood Space Bum.
A shoot'em up about a dino surviving the death of flat earth.
Cherish and save your star as long as you can from its imminent end
Not Moe Jam 9 Entry
A Choose Your Own Adventure Story Set On The Football Field
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What's a submarine doing in space?
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A text-based spaceship designer!
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Theme: Outerspace