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Welcome to the fist 72-hour minijam for NotMoeJam!

The theme for this jam is:  Team Mangement

This minijam way created to fill the gap between two of the main jams, as we rework some of it's structure. It's likely that we'll continue to do minijams occasionally.

Join us at our discord:

Please, feel free to join the jam late or even just keep us in your back pocket if your regular jam doesn't pan out.


  • Assets you have previously made are allowed, except for game-specific code.
  • Third-party assets are allowed, but you must have the rights to use them and credit them where required.
  • Team members must be credited in the submission.
  • Desktop submissions (Windows/OSX/Linux) must be playable without an installer.
  • Explicit games are not allowed, such as those depicting sex or graphic violence.

Mature Content

  • Despite the explicit content ban, you may develop mature content.
  • This includes such elements as nudity, moderate violence and controversial subjects.
  • For nudity, the line is drawn when it's obviously included for titillation.
  • For violence, the line is drawn at detailed gore or depictions of particularly heinous acts. In short, spraying red paint everywhere is fine, as long as their guts aren't spilling out and it isn't happening in a situation/location that would be upsetting.
  • For controversial subjects... Just don't be an edge lord, attempt to upset/get a rise out of people or approach the subject disrespectfully. Also, please put a content warning on your game if it contains themes that may be upsetting.
  • These guidelines are obviously subjective, so we'll try to talk it out with you first. Feel free to check if people are comfortable/uncomfortable with something, if you're not sure.
  • All mature projects should be marked NSFW and have their discussion limited to NSFW channels (ie. #jam-nsfw).

Other Notes

  • Providing source code, preferably under a license, is highly encouraged but not required. We trust you. If you do, just make sure to remove any assets you're unable to share.
  • Broken, explicit, objectionable or stolen games, and any games in breach of the rules, may be removed from the Jam without warning. However, in most cases someone will have a chat with you either before/after.
  • The rankings mean nothing, but you're highly encouraged to vote in order to give feedback - though a comment or review detailing your thoughts would be even better!
  • You can update the game during the 'voting' period. Just make a submission before the jam end date.
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