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Now with that fresh 2020 smell!

Check out the 2019 Not A Game Jam Game Jam for inspiration!

You can also look at 2020's Jam.

That's right, the Not A Game Jam Game Jam is back in 2021! We're back and we're worse!!!

From the 2019 jam's page, here are some "rules" for this jam:

This Is The Not A Game Jam Game Jam. Make "games" which are literally impossible to play. Make games with no interaction. Make games without mechanics. Make games that are meant to be read, where play is a secondary concern. Make a list of everything that makes a Game a Game and then make a game that has none of those things. Make a game that Isn’t. (The "Me" that exists in 2020 would like to add on to this to say "Piss someone off about it.")

Analog and Digital "games" are welcome in this jam as well as any other types of "games".

There’s so much importance placed on how a game plays, to where we playtest ourselves into burnout. Make a game that’s finished when you hit the last “.” Make something that you finish & walk away, never looking back.

While this game has an “official” run time, please know that we will literally always take “late” submissions. This is also Not A Game Jam, so like, who cares about the deadline, don’t stress about it.

We encourage you to charge for your Not-Games. We have the opportunity to set a standard and if you’d like to follow it, you can set the minimum price for your entry as $5 and the suggested price as $10. With that said, we also encourage you to include consideration for those in financial hardship by either including a plaintext copy of your game available for free, offering community copies of your game, or any other consideration.

You can use these 2020 rules if you want:

Here are some optional rules from the 2020 run of the Not A Game Jam Game Jam:

  • Who Are We Versus? - Make something that isn't a game that is spitefully targeted at the last reply guy who said one of your games wasn't a real game (don't call them out by name though, be discrete)
  • This Is Just A PDF - write your whole "game" in the itch page's description and then just upload a blank PDF for your game
  • I Have No Words And I Must Jam - make a "game" that doesn't use the written word
  • Billboard Top 100 - The file you upload for your "game" must be in .mp3 format
  • Piss Someone Off - piss someone off (be double sure you're punching up with this)
  • Give Me $5 - Seriously, I wanna buy some hot wings
  • Cross-Promotion - Make something that isn't a game for another game jam and submit it to that one and this one
  • Your Rule Here - @ me on Twitter and tell me a rule I should add and I might

New rules for 2021:

Here are some optional rules for the 2021 run of the Not A Game Jam Game Jam:

  • MAKE IT WORSE: Take a game you've already written and Make It Worse
  • Goblin Mode: goblin mode
  • Not You: Make a game that cannot be played by a specific person (don't call them out by name though, be discrete)
  • [Topical Joke About Fumbled Community Licenses Here]: Make a supplement for a system published by a company large enough to hire a HR Representative, Marketing Manager, or Director of (any department), and try to break as many of their licensing rules as possible.
  • 2021: make 2,021 games all in one document
  • 9 Likes: Make a game that gets 9 likes
  • I am Cute: @ me on Twitter and tell me I am cute

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please let me know on Twitter, I'm @LeviathanFiles. I mean it, I wrote this jam page in 5 minutes so if you have an idea to make it better, please let me know.


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