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Bummed that GDC got cancelled?

Well Get Off Your Bum & Make A Game-A-Day Instead!

For the week of when GDC was supposed to be in 2020, from Saturday March 14th to Saturday March 21st, make a small game every day in lieu of GDC things!

This is intended for those of us stuck in San Francisco without any meetings or events left to attend, however you can of course submit from anywhere in solidarity with us.


Make a game every day throughout GDC week! That's tough enough without adding any additional themes or restrictions on you...

I would recommend pairing this jam with another game jam like the Trijam, Weekly Game Jam, notGDCJam, Quarantine Jam, Godot Wild Jam, harvest mouse jam, NaNoRenO, Scream Machine, OpenGameArt Spring Jam, etc.

Or perhaps better yet: finish up a jam game from a previous jam that you didn't get to finish or submit!


  • Try to submit a different small game each day to the jam! That means a unique game on March 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21!
  • You can submit something that was unfinished from a previous jam, but please don't spam with your works-in-progress. You know who you are. And you'll be removed from the submissions like every other jam does. If you don't know whether you fall into this category, just ask, though by wondering and asking that means you probably aren't.
  • Use whatever engines, tools, assets, etc. that you want! As long as you have the rights to them (i.e. you bought them or they're open-source) then go ham.


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A typing arcade game
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A negative space puzzle-platformer of two half-heads
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