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Welcome to the OpenGameArt Spring 2020 Game Jam! These jams are put together by the community over at A fantastic place to source graphics, music and sfx that you can use in your games at no cost! It's also a great place to hang out in general and be inspired by fellow gamers ;)

You can find the forum thread here:

Entries into this jam must abide by the following rules (courtesy of chasersgaming):

The Rules:

 1) You can use ANY game engine/software you desire, as long has you have the license/permissions to do so. Gamemaker, Unity, Java, HTML, scratch etc, or even you own created engine if you like. NO actual coding/programming until the start of the jam. Any pre-coded scripts or 'base code' should not be used until the start of the jam. Story boarding, editing, modifying, creating, locating your game assets for you project is absolutely fine. :) 

It is not mandatory to have a Windows build by default for your project, but i do recommend it having one for your project.

 2) You MUST use a minimum of 6 Game Assets from (You can use other assets as well, so long as you have the rights/permissions to use.) If you are unable to find anything suitable for your project on OGA, you can create your own assets, but you should upload them to OGA website BEFORE the end of the voting period so they can be considered as part of the 6 asset rule. By doing so you are also contributing to a great community, and we would love to see it.

 3) You must credit the Author of the assets used, even if it's not required by the license. (Because this is nice thing to do)

- Please ensure you follow the license/s  correctly for the assets you use. (for full details click on the asset license link)

4) You must have 'Credits' of the assets used in game from OpenGameArt within the games page description/game comments, or in game.

Take the Game Jam banner at the top of this page as an example:


1. Name: Good Neighbors pixel font
Author: Clint Bellanger
License: CC 0
Good Neighbors font by Clint Bellanger

2. Name: boxfont
Author: mold
License: CC-BY-3.0

3. Name: Small blocky font
Author: Jerom
License: CC-BY-3.0

4. Name: OGA Spring 2020 Game Jam
Author: ZomBCool
License: CC-BY-3.0

- Tip: All downloads and favourites are saved in your OGA account for easy use. You can also create a 'Collection'. Add assets you use to this and it will give you a complete 'Credits' file that you can download.

- Derivatives: If the license permits you to create a derivative work of an asset, then you still need to credit the original author, and if you do, then please share it on OGA, it would be cool to see it and have it available for others to use.

5) Game must not promote any sort of discrimination (such as racism, sexism etc) or political agendas, nothing that could cause offence. This jam is open to all ages. Games that have violence, horror and/or gore, I would ask that you provide some sort of warning before hand to protect younger audiences. That includes  Soundtracks/voices. (I leave that for you to decide what's appropriate) :)

An optional theme for this jam if you are stuck for some inspiration is " put things away " because you know spring cleaning and wot not :/ ?