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Welcome to No Video Jam 2, an audio game slow jam where graphics aren't the focus!


  • Anyone can participate, whether you're solo or in a team.
  • No video is a challenge. Graphics are allowed as long as they're not necessary to play.
  • Submissions must be blind-friendly. Turn off your display to test. Need a screen reader? Try NVDA or Orca.
  • Please only use assets that you are legally permitted to use, with proper attribution.
  • Submissions must not contain discriminatory or hateful content.
  • Submissions should be mostly made during the jam period. You can start planning now. You can use existing code and assets. You can fix bugs after the jam ends. We ask that you please be good and respect folks who created everything during the jam.



We've selected some optional themes to inspire you! Choose one, many, or none at all:

  • Augmented
  • Data visualization
  • Failure is progress
  • Logical fallacy
  • No end in sight
  • Recursion
  • Temporary disability
  • The jab
  • Unconventional controls
  • You are the dungeon


Submissions will be judged by the public based on the following criteria: 

  • Accessibility. Is it easy to operate and perceive?
  • Fun. Is it enjoyable?
  • Originality. Has it been done before?
  • Sound. Is the sound design well executed?

Voting lasts for one week after submissions close. Winners will enjoy bragging rights and good karma.



We have a ton of tips and resources on our previous jam page. Please also check out some previous submissions:

Lost Soul by Geek_Joystick

Unwanted Passengers by Kalinka

S.E.A. by shiftBacktick

Dyechan by merlinemyrs

Audio Death Punch by Keep Flying Games

Beat Master! by Floatingtable Games


Discord server

Need a team or a place to vent? Please introduce yourself on the AudioGameDev Discord server.


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Exoskeletal exoplanet explorer
Play in browser
Audio Runner is a runner game with no graphics, listen to the environment to remember your way out.
An audio-only, PS1 inspired arcade track and field experience!
Binora is an audio puzzle game where the objective is to recreate a soundscape.
An audio-only, Berzerk-like shooter. Headphones are strongly recommended.
A Simple Basic Shooter Game For Visually Impaired People...
In the darkness something lurks...
Play in browser
A 3d audio-only space shooter
Blind-friendly climbing mini-game