Submissions open from 2023-04-21 09:00:00 to 2023-05-05 09:00:00
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Nexus Game Jam is back for its 3rd edition!

We decided to change the formula and make it 2 weeks long to give everyone a chance to participate and for the 1st time we will offer a prize to the winners! After the jam, participants and contributors will have 2 weeks to vote for their favorite games and finally the judge will choose the winner from the best rated games!

The main goal of NGJ stay the same. Follow the theme, include the special object and make the most creative game out of it!

Don't hesitate to tweet your progress with the hashtag : #NexusGameJam3

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The theme will be announced at the begining of the jam.

The Special object will be voted on our Discord server starting the 21th of March.


Kronnect is sponsoring this jam by offering 2 vouchers to the winner and the runner-up!

At Kronnect we strive to provide advanced assets that exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of quality, functionality and support. We started Kronnect in 2015 to create amazing tools and assets for the Unity platform – we don’t know about borders, so our team is composed of passionates and hardcore coders and artists around the globe. We create assets with the highest standards so our customers can materialize their dreams with confidence. Emphasizing with developer’s hard work every day, we’ve decided to share 2 vouchers for ANY of the Assets on our portfolio (NON-BUNDLE). The first voucher will go the winner and the second to the runner-up!!

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PlusMusic is sponsoring this jam with an additional prize : Best Use of PlusMusic Award! The Best Use of Plus Music will be rewarded by 200$!

In addition, two days before the jam starts, they are giving away three months of subscription for the plugin and 6 months (or 500 players, whichever comes first) of licensing for up to 3 songs, for the price of free, to participants of NeXus Game Jam III, so be sure to join the jam to get the email or their discord server to learn more about how to get that access when the jam starts!

PlusMusic is an adaptive audio platform that gives developers access to a library of 350k+ songs from indie artists, has a built-in music editor and Unity and Unreal plug-in which adds the soundtrack directly to your game. You can get personalized & affordable music in just a few clicks.

⚠️Musicians, if you’d like to get in contact with PlusMusic about licensing your music, feel free to fill out the “Submit Music” form on their website or go to the Artists channel on their discord server. 


PlusMusic Discord:

Judge's Selection (from the top 10% in the Community Vote):

1#🥇 - The winner will get $500 USD + 1 Kronnect Unity Asset Store Voucher.

2#🥈 - The runner-up will get $200 USD + 1 Kronnect Unity Asset Store Voucher.

3#🥉 - The second runner-up will get $100 USD

PlusMusic Awards:

S#🎵 - Best Use of PlusMusic Award - $200 USD

All entries will be judged by other participants of the jam, so that includes you !

The categories the games are rated in are:

  1. FUN & CREATIVITY -- Is the game fun? Do I have a good time playing it? Does it make me forgot all my problems? But also how original is it? How crazy and smart this game is?
  2. USE OF THEME & SPECIAL OBJECT -- Does that game follow the theme? Does it takes on the theme innovative? Does the special object appear in the game and is it useful in the gameplay?
  3. CONTROLS -- Does the control serve the gameplay? Are they responsive?
  4. AUDIO -- Do you like what you hearing? Does it fit the game?
  5. GRAPHICS -- Do you like what you're seeing? Does it fit the game?

  1. The theme and the presence of the special object is mandatory to be elligible for the prize pool. Though, your game won't be removed from the jam.
  2. You cannot work on your game before the jam starts. Don't post games that you made before jam. Remix games will be disqualified.
  3. Games can be submitted to other jams as well.
  4. Majority of the code and Assets must be made during the jam. Art, shaders, music, and sound assets made before the jam can be used as long as you have the rights.
  5. Teams are allowed and encouraged! (No size limit).
  6. NSFW games must have a warning on their itch page. No Racism allowed.
  7. A web or windows build is required, so that judges can play your game. (Web build recommended) 
  8. No effort will be made for late submiters, as the jam lasts a 2 weeks. We highly recommend submitting early so that you don't accidentally miss the deadline. You'll still be able to update your game up until the deadline of the game jam, even if you submit early. 
  9. Anything you make during the NGJIII is your property. We claim no rights or ownership of your game. 
  10. Any game submitted to the NGJIII may show up in material/media covering the event without your express permission.
  11. To be eligible for the cash prizes, you must have a bank account (A Venmo might be set-up too).  You must also supply a Discord account or email so we can contact you.
  12. Games made or heavily contributed to by judges are not eligible for the prizes. Games made by judges will be treated as if they do not exist.
  13. You must own the intellectual property of your game. No fan games.

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