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One day, a couple friends were talking about how crazy a lot of the old Nintendo box art was. We joked about how fun it would be to take a box cover, and without context or knowledge of the game, make a new one. This evolved into turning it into a game jam, and here we are!

The rules are simple:

  1. Look at NES Box Art.
  2. Pick a box from a game you've never played or have knowledge of.
  3. Make a game inspired from said box art.

That's it!

Try to pick something you don't know, so your memories of the game don't influence your design. Don't research the game. Just use the box art as your sole inspiration.

You are not limited to the style of the game you wish to make. Shooter? cool! Platformer? Why not? Management sim? Go for it! Art, difficulty, genre, are all open-ended! If you want your game to be 8-bit, you can do that. Want it to be 3D instead? That's not a problem either. There are no restrictions other than picking a game you've never played.

Resources for finding box art:

And don't forget to have fun!


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Puzzle-platformer. Boxes, Coins and Princesses. You know the drill.
An action/puzzle game where a Fire must defeat eveal Ices!
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A short platformer about killer tomatoes and impressing girls.
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Throw Darts To Cast Spells!
Role Playing
A game Submitted for the NES box art jam '15