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A jam entry

Rhythm NinjaView game page »

Side-scrolling rhythmic game
Submitted by Locomule with 3 hours, 44 minutes before the deadline


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Please mention below any pre-made music or art assets you used.
song "Mighty Like Us" from incompetech

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Nice game! I included it in my Music Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


Awesome, thanks! This was my first jam after 8 years of using Scratch. I'm leading a small Scratch revolution this way so lock up your valuables and stuff! ;) I am downloading your video now and will share the link in our new Scratch Discord server and everywhere else I can think of.


Fun running game -nice job on the art work too! :D


Thanks a lot! After many years of pixel art, I am switching to vectors, they are so much faster to create! A must for game jams, although I'm also trying to put a team together. I started doing some Inkscape tutorials right after the jam, here are some RPG assets I've worked on the last two days. I'm thinking about using them to replace the ninja theme and turn this Rhythm Ninja game jam idea into an actual game...

some characters.. https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/176924015/

and a parallax test on a background that needs some reworking.. https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/177098231/

But the point is for me to be able to sling this stuff out at game jam speed. Probably helps that I was a Fine Arts major in college.
This is where I've been getting the Inkscape tutorials from, tons of great nfo and exactly the vector art creation and animation nfo I was looking for.. http://www.2dgameartguru.com/2014/03/creating-depth-through-layers.html


Huge thanks to Elysia Griffin for spending 6 hours testing games from our game jam! Her Twitch channel seems to be a pretty cool place, and dev friendly :)

ia Griffin


Awesome! I really haven't seen a rhythm game done in scratch before, so this seemed quite new to me. The graphics also look good, which really add to the appeal. It was fun once I got the hang of doing actions about a step ahead of time. The objects in mid air still seem to get me though. I'm not sure if I either need to hit right before or as they move forwards towards me. I think this would work really well if it was done where all of the graphics and objects move smoothly, while the main beats of the objects and where they need to be would stay the same. 


Thanks so much for trying it out and commenting! You want to hit the flying objects in front of you, just as they jump there, on the beat. I had them flying smoothly but started them jumping as a visual indicator of the beat. I added the beating heart right at the end of the jam.

I've been at Scratch 8 years and heard many times how hard it was to time events to an audio file. This was my first game jam so doing a rhythmic engine oe some kind of synced audio was  already on my programing bucket list. Turned out to be pretty easy. I wasn't sure until the last few hours that I would even have a finished entry, kind hectic. Sooo little sleep :)

So finishing the jam with a working, fun game is great, but now I see tons of potential for this game as well as other rhythmic games. I've been playing guitar for 32 years, wait till you see my Jam Along project. You will be able to play chords or notes that are automatically adjusted to the key of the song. I've done recording and song trading already on Scratch so I see a lot of possibilities.

Once I got the hang of it it was good it definitely needs polish for the inputs though otherwise good.

Developer (Edited 2 times)

Nah, it needs an explanation for the player that spamming inputs lags you out of upcoming beats as an anti-cheat. Without that explanation,everyone thinks the game is messed up. The input works great, I can beat the game with the sound off just from the visual indicators of the beat. Thanks for checking it out and commenting.
Edit: I added a note to the game about this stuff since it seems to be an ongoing issue for players.


Took me a bit to get the hang of the rhythm, but once I did it was a lot of fun. Occasionally totally space out and get distracted by the trees in the background, but rhythm type games always do that to me lol


Thanks so much for checking it out and commenting. And yeah, I know exactly what you mean, happened to me too. I have a lot more ideas that I couldn't put in. We had 3 days and this was my 3rd game idea. Wanna know a secret? Try the left arrow key. My plan was to put in enemies, a boss, etc. You learn the basic moves.. jump, attack, and block, on the training course, then you go fight. But now I see my biggest problem was adding the extra-lag anti button spam without explaining it confuses people, they think the game isn't working right. Live, learn, and code better next time. Hey, it was my first rhythmic game engine. I had to invent it from nothing, Now that I've done one in a 3 day rhythmic game, the sky is the limit. I'm a 30+ yr guitar player. I have a great idea on a way to let people jam along with a song on a virtual guitar without really knowing how to play.


"Now that I've done one in a 3 day rhythmic game, the sky is the limit."

That's my favorite thing about these games jams. If you can crank out a functional game in such a short time, you can do anything! :D

There wasn't really a "beat" to follow as the synth playing in the background where not in sync with the items on the screen unless I completely missed the beat but I consider myself to be good at following a beat. The idea is cool and I would like to try it again once the songs and visuals are more in sync


Did you notice the heart beating beside you? It was on the beat. All the spikes and sushi move on the beat also. Sorry it wasn'tm ore obvious.

Ooooh! it was more of a visual beat. Gotcha. I was looking for a sound queue. I'll give it another go


Thanks a lot!


The beat is dead on the music. Listen for the snare drum in the song. Or if you count beats in a measure of the song, it is on the "four". But either way, your feedback helps me understand what I need to do differently. So thanks again :)

I can see this being a fun idea for a rhythm-based runner, but I had a really tough time getting synced to the beat to reliably perform jumps and slashes. Timing keypresses with the on-screen heartbeat doesn't seem to be it.  Maybe the game's not working right in my browser?


If you spam key presses it lags you out of upcoming beats.

It definitely feels a tad rushed and you are also able to spam input buttons. Other than that it does seem to function well and as you intended it to, nice job.


Thanks! Spamming input gets you killed, btw.


Oh it does? Haha i tried not to spam input purposely ^-^

Developer (Edited 1 time)

It is supposed to give you a little wiggle room between spam and missed notes. Spamming too much lags you out of upcoming beats. Assuming everything is working correctly, of course. Thanks again for the feedback, getting some coffee down then borrowing an internet connection to start downloading everyone else's games. Can't wait to check them all out!

Have you considered doing something like this with some of your own music though? It'd be cool with some riffage over it. Doesn't even necessarily need drums.