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Layout is hard. Art is too. Let's rid ourselves of commercial standards and make stick figures in MS Paint.

The MS Paint Jam Ethos: Don't think or try too hard. Lean into MS Paint aesthetics. Have fun.

"WAIT! I'm on Mac OS or Linux OS!" Don't worry my friend, you may use an equivalently basic program like Paintbrush. Use your judgement about what is and is not in the spirit of MS Paint. If it has layers or grids, you've probably gone too far.


  1. You must create the entire submission in MS Paint (or equivalent software). No exceptions.
  2. You may only use your operating system's default fonts.
  3. You may not import images or graphics from outside MS Paint.
  4. Exception to rule 1: You may use layout software to compile and convert spreads made in MS Paint to PDF.
  5. No bigots allowed.


Make any kind of RPG content you want! Make a game, make an adventure, make a supplement for another game. I like adventures, myself.

Feel free to create content for any game system, just be conscious of any licensing requirements.


Make a pamphlet! Make a zine! Make a pocket mod! Make a single JPG of indiscriminate size! The world is your oyster!


  1. Resize your Paint canvas to 1100p x 850p. You could use any proportion of 11 x 8.5, but x100 is easy math and it gives you workable thicknesses with the pencil and line tools. 2550p x 3300p will give you the industry standard 300ppi but who needs that?
  2. Fill the page with a solid color.
  3. Select all and resize the color block to 550p x 850p. Your spread is now divided into pages.
  4. Fill in the pages with words and art.
  5. Import finished spreads to layout software and export them as a PDF.


The jam will run for two weeks, September 14, 2021 thru September 28, 2021. It's a short jam to discourage overthinking and over-effort. We have a forum set up here which I'll be checking in on and trying to answer questions and concerns as best I can.

You can use the #MSPaintJam tag to spread the word if you like.

Who are you? I'm Ian, I write Mothership adventures along with other bits and bobs. I blog about my TTRPG publishing experiences at Uncanny Spheres. You can find me on twitter @IanYusem.

PRIZES!?: I'll send a physical pamphlet adventure or two of mine through the mail to the creators of my favorite couple submissions.

Here's a sample spread I made in 5 minutes:


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a simple ttrpg about the magical disaster of trans young adulthood
A DURF micro-supplement
and everybody hates you
weirdo Troika sword-and-planet setting
A Solo Journaling game about longing, grief and personal growth
An alternate magic system and folk song generator for Cairn.
A solo potion crafting game!
A UVG ⁕ B/X compatible palace-crawl adventure
A game for little *wizards* <):-}
26 unique NPCs and Creatures for use with tabletop rpgs
A short tower climb adventure for TTRPG's, created for the MS Paint TTRPGJam.
A solo roleplaying game about your body’s life after death
It’s haunting season but your favourite haunt, the local school, is prepared this year.
Take a solo trip to the spa as a teenage Orc.
A Game of Survival for Two People
A 5e Malady that'll keep the players thinking... but only of the phrase.
A short dungeon crawl adventure for tabletop rpgs for the MS Paint Jam.
A system agnostic adventure about Eyeballs and the end of the world.
A throwaway rpg
You are a Knight! You Serve! Please their Monster Palates!
A collection of 6 Troika! backgrounds inspired by early DeviantArt culture!
An oddball shopping experience to insert into your Troika! game
A two player dueling game of creating hats.
A banana themed armor set for D&D 5e
A system-agnostic, old-school style scenario for TTRPGs
A Nostalgic MS Paint Troika Supplement with 6 Backgrounds!
Stay pretty! Save Shibuya! GAL POWER!!
MS Paint TTRPG Jam submission
Or The Day the Graphics Drivers Stood Still
A 1-page cat generator for TTRPGs.
A short zine for creating legally distinct hellish OCs
a creature specie for ttrpg
An MS Paint Hexcrawl Zine for Old and New School Adventure Games
Poorly layouted Tiefling and Aasimar classes for Old-School Essentials.
An agricultural adventure in 6/8 time
submitted for the TTRPG Jam
a pit crawl for ttrpg's
A game inspired by the hangman's game, but with ancient gods
Yarr! We Pirates Love Explosions!
Role Playing
A game about giants, desire, obligation, and anger management.
A short n' sweet adventure for use in Troika!