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Let's make tiny little Spheres that can fit in our pockets, micro settings fitting on a space equal to that of a single page!


  • I am not affiliated with Melsonian Arts Council, the publisher of Troika!
  • Troika! is the Other world’s favourite science-fantasy role-playing game. Read more here.
  • Submissions are open until the end of February.
  • Submit as many submissions as you like.
  • Tell your friends!
  • Include the legalese in your PDFs: "[Product Name] is an independent production by [publisher name] and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council." 
  • A free SRD version of Troika! is available here
  • Are paid submissions allowed? Sure! Just be kind to supply me with a download code so I can make sure all submissions are nice and bigot free.
  • Use the #troikaspherejam hashtag on Twitter.
  • A PDF and InDesign + Affinity Publisher templates are available here.
  • Template for Scribus 1.5 can be found here.
  • Template for Figma can be found here, kindly provided by Comigo.

Last but not least, bigotry has no home in these spheres. Be sweet and keep your submissions free of bigotry and hate. 

Don’t be shy to contact me at @silverhoovesfun on Twitter if you have any questions.


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This surreal Troika minizine includes a bizarre setting, encounters, and an npc.
A social excursion amongst vampires
A Troika minizine featuring a sinister Film Noir city.
A micro setting for Troika!
A Pocketsized Sphere of Vintage Cartoon Ridiculousness
A Troika! micro-setting pocketmod
A Darn Gunslingin' Thing For Troika!
A primer for the sphere of Brightrule
Will you be the hunters or the hunted when you visit Monterra?
A micro setting for Troika!
A little Troika! sphere full of little adventures
A Troika! Sphere of Corporate Opulence
1 Page Troika Setting about a sea of metal full of trash
A very queer Troika sphere with brash balloonists and moon nazis.
A mini-zine setting of bee-people and questionable wildlife.
A strange nightclub inside an inter-dimensional being. People are strange.
A downloadable Troika! pocket sphere.
A pocket-sized (and -themed) supplement for Troika!
6 Skeletal Troika! backgrounds for people who didn't finish reading Gideon the Ninth
"A cloud of dense smoke surrounded it, and its eyes blazed like flaming coals."
Or The Mini Zine Introduction to the Digital World of THE MAINFRAME
A One-page pocket sphere for Troika! where Keys unlock stars and much more
A strange object has been detected in nearby space. A Troika! Pocketmod
Can you survive the Funnel of Devastation?
a troika sphere for hardcore retrogaming
Spheres are overrated. Try Angles. A Pocket Sphere for Troika!
The face of a god, mined by the Bargewright Guilds.
A Troika! pocket sphere filled with bears
A Pocketmod Sphere for the Troika Sphere Jam
A PocketMod zine for the Troika! Sphere Jam, about a world full of giant spiders.
A Pocket Sphere for the Troika! RPG
A Never-Ending Arena For the Troika Pocket Sphere Jam
A PocketMod zine for the Troika! Sphere Jam, about a ruined island.
Panspherical Bibliopolists of Reknown.
Mars ain't what it used to be..A micro setting for Troika!
Help an other otherworldly entity discover their true Form. A Pocket Sphere for Troika!
A Mini Zine for "The Great Troika! Pocket Sphere Jam"
A place of adventure suitable for use with Troika!
A Pocket sphere for Troika!
A Troika Pocket Sphere Hexcrawl (?)
Role Playing
A glitchy pocketmod sphere for Troika!
A glimpse behind the Oops Table.
A cosmic rollercoaster troika mini zine!
A Sword-and-Planet Sphere for Troika!
A combination loot and encounter table for Troika! RPG
a mini troika sphere full of ibises, rocks, and living secrets
A Sphere for TROIKA! where dreams and memories come to life
A mini-zine for the Pocket Sphere Jam!
(Questionably) fun houses on the outside, funhouses on the inside! A Troika! Pocket Sphere.
A sentient concert hall hosts the greatest band in the multiverse
Role Playing
a valentine's day troika suncrawl
A splattery sphere for the worlds other favorite RPG Troika!
A Troika! sphere mod
A Troika! sphere mod