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Gibbous Jam is Moon Jam 2. This year we all spent more time inside than we probably thought we would, isolated from  many of the things that shaped our relationship with the outside.  So for this year's jam we expanded the prompt: make a game in which the world outside your window is a physical game component. This might mean, like last year, the sky, moon, and stars are key elements. Or it might mean that looking out your window, sitting on your porch, hanging out your balcony are necessary part of play.  

This is a jam for games in which the "outside" is an integral part. Make a game for a space not enclosed by four walls!

You might make a game in which...

  •  uses a long walk as a timer, or 
  • the milky way is a game-board, or
  • the bird feeder outside your window are an oracle, or
  • the falling stars are dice, or
  • players must walk a specific trail, or
  • the clouds tell you when to roll
  • falling leaves must be collected before they hit the ground.

You might take a look at any of last year's 29 great entries for inspiration. What other possibilities can you imagine?

Any type of game may be submitted so long as it uses some element outside in play or that requires you to be outside to play. (Note: don't just set a game on a cloud, include an actual cloud in play! Don't just write a LARP, write a LARP in which the land you're playing on is a central focus!) Games that engage in any form of bigotry will be removed.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR 2020: Do not require anybody to do anything that is against COVID safety measures or might expose them or their community to transmission. If we feel you have ignored this rule we will remove your submission for community safety. 

Gibbous Jam will run from the first quarter moon on Nov. 21st through the winter equinox on Dec. 21st.

Gibbous Jam is hosted by Edda Mendes (@leakyeaves), I. L. Sherman (@essivecase), and Rufus Roswell (@roswellwrites). Feel free to reach out on twitter or in the community tab with any questions, and be sure to use the tag #GibbousJam when you share your work.


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