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This was a jam for games that used the sky and its contents as game components. We made some games that asked you to look up!

You might have made a game in which...

  •  the sunset was a timer, or 
  • the milky way was a game-board, or
  • the passing clouds were an oracle, or 
  • the falling stars were dice, or 
  • the birds overhead were counters, or 
  • a rainbow was a path, or 
  • the moon was a player (as in BAD MOON by Adira Slattery), or 
  • the weather was a prompt (as in Small Talk To Me About The Weather by Vian Nguyen)

What other possibilities did you imagine?

Any type of game may have been submitted so long as it used some element of the sky in play. (Note: don't just set a game on the moon; include the actual moon as a part of the game!)

Moon Jam ran from the full moon of Nov. 12th, 2019 through the full moon of Dec. 12th, 2019.

Moon Jam was hosted by Edda Mendes (@leakyeaves), I. L. Sherman (@essivecase), and Rufus Roswell (@roswellwrites). Feel free to reach out on twitter or in the community tab with any questions, and be sure to use the tag #moonjam when you share your work.


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a game to play with the Moon that has wronged you
a digital dating-horror game for people who love the moon a little too much
a card game where every card is the moon
Hugs, Clouds, and Carly Rae
this is not a game for anyone, not moons nor crows nor you
A game in which you love the moon and you are going to kiss her
A chain letter game about cooking and consequences
A ritual to remember how far you've come
a game about creating stories out of the things we cannot reach.
A business-card sized RPG for four people who want to fight evil
A game/poem about light.
A hemisphere-specific tabletop dice supplement.
Be the Moon Moon you always wanted to be
A practice of liminal storytelling.
a game of eating possibilities
A game where you track the sunrises so you know the world hasn't ended.
a two player game, between the moon and you.
Play in browser
a short trek through the night sky
Play in browser
Red Crystal Dragon is adventure of two best friends Tennita and Color.
hunters are coming, return to the moon mother, wolf child