This jam is now over. It ran from 2022-08-05 19:00:00 to 2022-08-10 19:30:00. View results

MFGG Fangame Jam is a biannual game-making marathon where have 5 days to make a game based on a pre-existing IP.

Your game also has to follow a certain theme, which will be announced when the jam starts.

The jam will be starting on the 5th of August at 12 PM PST, and ending 5 days later.

After the jam ends there will be a period where everyone can vote for the games submitted. The results and the winning games will get announced at the end of the week.

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Our Previous Game Jams: 123, 4

You can share your games on Twitter using the #MFGGJam hashtag if you want us to retweet your stuff.


7th generation game consoles!

You will be choosing a 7th generation game console, and making a game related to it in some way.

This could be a game parodying the console, a game that looks like it was made for the console, a game that's about another game for the console, a game where the console itself is a gameplay element, or anything else relating to the console really! Heck, if you know how to do it it can even be a homebrew game for the said console.

The list includes consoles such as:


Who are we?

We are Mario Fan Games Galaxy, an unofficial fan site dedicated to fangames, with a focus on the Mario series obviously!

Ever since 2001, we have been hosting thousands of fangames, as well as resources to help you start creating your own. We also have an active community, mainly centered around our main site and Discord server these days.

MFGG is also the birth place of many popular fangames such as Psycho Waluigi, Super Mario Flashback, Paper Mario 3D Land, and Super Mario 64 Plus.

Who can enter the jam? 

Anyone, regardless of age, nationality, or previous experience in game development.

You're even allowed to form teams, with a maximum of 5 people. If you need teammates our Discord server could be a good place to find some.

Can I just submit any game?

Well, no. It should be a game you made within the jam period.

Do not try to submit games made by others and try to trick us. Around a dozen of people tried doing that last time, yet we caught them all and they all got disqualified. You will be just wasting the time of both of us.

Does it have to be a Mario fangame?

Nope! Any fangame based on any franchise is welcome, and we are leaving the definition for "franchise" very open-ended. It could be a video game, a movie, or even your favorite YouTuber. Entirely up to you!

That being said, your game has to be a fangame of some sort. No original indie games are allowed, and failure to disclose what your fangame is based on could result with disqualification of your game if it isn't obvious.

If I make a fangame will I get sued?

In case of Nintendo, we would suggest you to read this. But the short answer is that the chances are close to none, as long as you follow all the rules of the jam.

That being said, we aren't legally responsible for anything that might happen.

What assets can I use in my game?

You can make your own, or you can just use ones made by others. We aren't picky on this, but we don't hold any responsibility on this front.

If you need to get your hands on some assets MFGG's main site is a good place to start!

Just make sure to give proper credit when needed, and state which assets you're using that you do not own.

What engine/tool do I have to use to make my game?

Doesn't matter. As long as your game is playable on a Windows or Android system, you can use any game engine or framework.

That being said, you cannot base your game off of existing code. You can follow tutorials, but the base for your game should start development after the theme gets announced.

So basically, you can use game engines like Unity or GameMaker, but you cannot just finish an existing half-finished game, nor use frameworks like Hello Engine or Sonic Worlds.

Can I submit a ROM hack or a mod?

Yeah, we do accept ROM hacks and mods! There are, however, some further restrictions with those.

  • They should be fully playable on Windows PCs, with an emulator or otherwise.
  • The hacks/mods submitted should change more than just the game's graphics or music.
  • You should only submit the patch in case of hacks, submitting a ROM file will get you disqualified instantly.
  • You cannot be one of the original developers of the game you're modding.

Also, you have to keep in mind that the voting categories will be shared between all games. This, unfortunately, results in ROM hacks and mods getting far less attention compared to regular fangames in these fangame jams. So you will be at a bit of a disadvantage.

Can I remake/demake an existing game?

Nintendo doesn't like it when fans remake their games, so your game should be relatively original.

So for example, a complete remake of Super Mario Bros. 2 would be disqualified based on this rule, even if it includes extra content. But a game inspired from Super Mario Bros. 2 with original levels and content would be perfectly fine.

Remakes go against the spirit of game jams either way. The point is to get those creative muscles working!

This rule applies to non-Nintendo fangames as well, just to keep things fair.

Can I make an NFT/Blockchain game?


Do I have to make an MFGG account?

No. You also don't have to submit your game to MFGG's main site.

That being said, it is heavily encouraged for you to submit your game to MFGG as well, as it would result in with more people from the community playing the game. We will be prioritizing the submissions from this game jam more than other game submissions, so your game won't be waiting in the queue for too long as well.

To submit your game, head here.

Where do you guys even discuss this?

Mainly in our Discord server, which can be found here.

Are there any other limitations?

  • All games should be in English.
  • Games submitted cannot contain nudity or sexually explicit themes.
  • Hateful language or discrimination of any kind will also not be tolerated.
  • Games that contain excessive gore and violence should have warnings on their pages.
  • One person can be in multiple teams, but we only allow one game per submitter.
  • You can participate in two jams at once if they happen at the same time.
  • Your game doesn't need to be finished. If you cannot finish your game in time you can submit it as a demo.
  • Only video games, mods, and hacks are allowed. So no board games, sorry! Visual novels should be perfectly fine however.
  • The pricing for the submitted games should be set to "No payments". Paid games will be disqualified instantly.

If you're not sure about any of the rules, come ask us on Discord! For any specific issues don't be afraid to tag "Mors#3278".


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sippin n crippin
Visual Novel
Play in browser
Chill online Mii experience
Hang out! Make some Miis!
A Platformer for the MFGG Fangame Jam 5
Play in browser
Mario's quest for PS3 games
A DS game previously lost to the sands of time.
Zelda NDS Based Game submitted for the MFGG Jam 5
A tech demo based on the all-time classic: Super Mario Galaxy.
A quick mario 3d moveset in UE4
A fan-written quest turned visual novel
Visual Novel
Wii gonna protect your TV
It's time for Darius's mail delivery!
Play in browser
Fan Made Mega Man based on Mega Man 10 but with a few tweaks
Play in browser
Indie devs' vendetta
Play in browser
An endless, interdimensional shoot em' up
Just like the Nintendo DS Imagine Series but with minions
Role Playing
Play in browser
A game based on the fact that the DS can no longer have an internet connection.
Play in browser
Oil Man slides into a new journey!
Play in browser
Play in browser
Samus is needed to kill bugs in the Wii system.
Play in browser
Play in browser
It's no longer a yellow dumb bird, it's a nostalgic missile from Nintendo
Make life colourful!
Play in browser
Pick up the trash on the planet before it piling up
Play in browser