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Welcome to MFGG Fangame Jam! 

This is a 1 week long game jam, where you're tasked with creating a game based on another IP. Once the jam starts you will also be given an additional theme.

The jam will be starting at 29th of May 12 PM PST, and ending exactly 7 days later, at  5th of June 12 PM PST. You will be given 1 extra hour to submit your games though.


Check out our main website:

As well as our forums:

Our Discord server:

Our Twitter account:

You can share your games on Twitter using the #MFGGJam hashtag if you want us to retweet your stuff.


"Too much water"

Too much water what? Does the game need to take place underwater? Can I make a game where Sonic drinks a glass of water? Well, it's all up to you! As long as it fits the theme in some way, it counts. You can even make your game an IGN joke.


Who can enter? 

Anyone. You're allowed to form teams, with a maximum of 5 people.

Does it have to be a Mario fangame?

Nope! Any fangame based on any franchise is welcome. MFGG is a site that's mainly focused on Mario fangames, but we accept fangames from all franchises, so it would only be appropriate to do the same in this jam too.

That being said, your game has to be a fangame. No original indie games.

But wait, what about Nintendo? Will I get sued?

I'd suggest you to read this.

What assets can I use in my game?

Either ones you've made yourself, or ones made by others and that are available to use.  You can also use assets from commercial games, we are making fangames after all. 

Just make sure to give proper credit.

What do I have to use to make my game?

Doesn't matter really, as long as your game is playable on a Windows system, you can use whichever engine of your choice. ROM hacks are unfortunately not allowed in this jam though, your game has to be standalone. Homebrew games are allowed, given that it's for a system that can be easily emulated on most Windows systems, so no Switch homebrews either.

So can I use Hello Engi-

No. You can't base your game off of existing code. You can follow tutorials, but the base for your game should start development after the theme gets announced.

Can I remake/demake an existing game?

Nintendo doesn't like it when fans remake their games, so it should be relatively original. A demake of Super Mario Odyssey is not okay, but a Super Mario Odyssey inspired fangame is.

Can I submit this game to multiple jams at once, alongside this one?

Sure, if you can.

Do I have to make an MFGG account?

No, but it would be nice. :')

Do I have to submit the game to MFGG?

Again no, but it would be awesome.

Can I make my game in a language other than English?

No, your game should be in English.

Where do you guys even discuss this?

Mainly on our Discord server, which can be found here.

Are there any other limitations?

Well, games submitted must not contain nudity, or hateful language or visuals, but that should be obvious.


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​A game made for the MFGG "Too Much Water" Jam.
Stop the rising floods from ruining Inkopolis!
A Pikmin solo mission!
A spinoff of the Bullet Bill series by Psycosis91, dodge obstacles and break blocks through 6 levels!
Cleaning Time.
A cheep-cheep goes on an adventure.
Also known as "How not to make a game jam game"
A faithful Castlevania 1 fangame for the MFGG Fangame Jam.
wario ocean time
Oh no! The pipes are flooding! Plug up the pipes before the sewers are overflown with water!
Platform as a great ball o' fire
You're a fish in a bowl, yo.
Super Mario Kart in the rain
Play in browser
Help Sonic destroy the water generators to stop Labyrinth Zone flooding!
Play in browser
"Time to take a piss" - Super Mario
Cardboard Marios are no match for this shroom!
Play in browser
Dash through an endless obstacle course while evading a hungry fish.
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