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This is about pumping out the good stuff, working that big brawny brain to unleash a tide of meaty content so forceful it sticks in muscle memory. 
You know the drill, you're not a dummy!!

Be joyful! Make something! Remember friends:
Rules are weak. You can bend them.
and Fuck Wizards.

We only have some few rules we kindly ask you to follow:

What can I make? Anything! Adventures, bestiaries, ancient techniques, equipment lists or even comics etc. Basically, whatever your heart desires. 

Is there a plain text version of the system somewhere? Yes, you can access it HERE!

Can I charge moneys for my submission? Absolutely! But we'd appreciate if you shoot us a copy!

Do you even lift? Duh!

Is participation mandatory? Yes.

Who did those illustrations? Those were made by the illustrious Chaoclypse!

Linked by Chainmail, tempered by OD&D and hammered with inspiration from Whitehack, Wolves Upon the Coast, and Troika! Meatheads is a dungeon crawler through and through - all buff, no fluff.

Fans of Conan the Barbarian, Masters of the Universe, Hercules, Bodybuilding and Wrestling will feel right at home. 

With easy to read stats that can be converted for use in other old-school adjacent tabletop role-playing games, Meatheads can adventure into nearly any compatible old school adventure with a little hacking. Meatheads beats any system! 

The 28 page zine is FREE and includes:

  • Character Creation and How to Play.
  • Guidelines for Referees.
  • Ready to play pregens.
  • B/W and printer friendly
  • A very exciting adventure Wrestling the Muscle Cult. Smoke out the brawny cult that has nested in a hillside temple, all while the crypt below it stirs…

Check out the Itch page for Meatheads HERE! It's free!

Feel free to Join the MEATHEADS DISCORD, and talk gains with other Meatheads! We're friends now!

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A Meatheads supplement Pamphlet
Nine relentless brawlers
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4 strong animals. Use these in Meatheads, or another project
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