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If your April was anything mine in the Pacific Northwest, it was dry. Thus the phrase “April showers bring May flowers” never came to fruition. Now the real world May Field is blooming late and so we are extending the Jam deadline because there is rumor of many more amazing submissions! Also remember this is for a great cause!!!


A vast expanse of wild flowers reaches beyond where the eyes can see. Small trees of various kind litter the horizon sparsely. The sky seems to always be blue, filled with large whispy and fluffy clouds. Birds sing, bee buzz about, the very atmosphere smells of tranquility. This is Mayfield! A perfect and serene location, however, for a mouse, "It's a huge and dangerous world out there for brave little mice." 

What does Mayfield hold? What adventures await these mouse adventures? What dangers lurk in the beauty? What items can be found? What friends... or foes could be made? Well I am glad you asked...

Because you get to tell us!

The Mayfield Mausritter Jam is the sequal to March's "Rittermarch". Though this jam seeks to inspire the same levels of creativity of #MoreMausritterMarch, this jam will be more specific. You now have the overall setting of Mayfield as a location, it is now our turn to stock this area with Items, NPCs, Adventure Hooks, Rumors, Beasts, Treasures, and the occasional Adventure Site.

When all is said and done, all entries will be compiled into a downloadable zine, with all purchase proceeds of the final zine going to Suicide Prevention Charities worldwide. This project is for a great cause. Because this jam will create a zine there are a few basic criteria for entries but more on that soon.

What we want for the zine:

  • A Bestiary: We want to stock Mayfield with all sorts of creature both good and bad. Follow the template laid out in the Mausritter Core Rules and lets truly go on a safari.
  • An Item Catalog: What can be found in Mayfield? Are there special rations? Specific tools... maybe a rare and one of a kind item. Shoot, there may even be magic items.
  • A Rolodex of NPCs: Who doesn't like to meet characters along the way? We'd love to see you introduce us to the vast cast of critters that call Mayfield their Home.
  • Feel like writing or making tables? Every good location need rumors and adventure hooks. What can you hint to us about Mayfield?
  • Some Dungeon Crawling: There has got to be some sweet locations to dive deeper into out amidst all the wild flowers in Mayfield. I wonder what we may find if we explore?

Entry/Submission Criteria:

  • All entries such be a single side A5/Half Letter (Layout of the page is totally up to you) 
  • OR a single sided A4/Letter Spread (two A5s...)
  • Please submit both A5/4 and Letter sizes
  • Theme should fit the "April showers bring May flowers" kind of feel (I'll leave that up to you to decipher) 
  • Entries are unlimited
  • Feel free to post your entries for PWYW or at a Cost
  • All entries will be compiled by ManaRampMatt and put into a zine (A5/Letter) with professional artwork for the cover and back and sold for $5 on itch. All proceeds will go to charity.

Really looking forward to what y'all come up with!


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