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One random submitter will be selected to win a bundle prize pack including 1 Official Mausritter Rules Book from Games Omnivorous, 1 high quality 18”x12” 100lb print Map of the Rittermarch, 1 printed A5 ‘Field Guide of the Rittermarch, and 1 set of dope Polyhedral Dice.

Can’t wait to see all the submissions!!!

Rittermarch - #MoreMausritterMarch

Rittermarch, named after JRR Tolkien’s Riddermark. The Riddermark was the vast lands of the Riders of Rohan and comes from the Old English Riddena-mearc which translates “Territory of the Knights”

Rittermarch will be a community world building experiment where participants will create (either once a week or one for the month, their choice) a single hex, a Settlement, an Adventure Site or an actual guided Adventure. These can be filled with NPCs, factions, items or spells per the Core Rules of Mausritter. 

Participants should create and post on, here on this Official Jam Page and share to Twitter using the hashtag: #MoreMausritterMarch. At the end of the month, ManaRampMatt will compile all the sites into a large Hex Crawl titled “The Ritter’s March” This map will be keyed to all the individual submissions. 

At the end of the month, all submissions will be assigned a number and there will be a randomized set of prizes (more info to come).

This is meant to be a fun and creative experiment and there are already plans being made for the second installment of this Jam, MAYFIELD - #MoreMausritterMay

Rittermarch is an unofficial Game Jam  for Mausritter and is compatible with the Mausritter gaming system . Mausritter Sword-and-Whiskers Role Playing Game is created by Isaac Williams. Mausritter is copyright Losing GamesRittmarch is an independent event hosted by ManaRampMatt and is not affiliated with Losing Games. It is published under the Mausritter Third Party License


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A pamphlet dungeon crawl for the Mausritter RPG
A Mork Borg inspired Mausritter adventure site.
The Lilliputian airship Sky Pig has crash-landed and tensions are high amongst the surviving crew
Fairies fight frogs while Mices go around.
Mausritter hex crawl for MoreMausritterMarch
Adventure location for Mausritter
A Mausritter location for Rittermarch.
a resource for Mausritter
A region for Mausritter and submission to the Rittermarch jam
Kitchen dungeon for Mausritter
An isolated island conceals mischievous toad smugglers.
1 hex, a few dungeons and a flying river
Two swords & whiskers adventures for Mausritter in the Garden of the Spire Queen
The city of St. Hovepeg is a bustling trading hub. But what looms above the city on Dixonberg?
A corvid adventure for Mausritter
A downloadable adventure site
Adventure site for Mausritter
A Small World for Mausritter
A small creature zine for Mausritter.
An adventure hex for Mausritter and the Rittermarch
A late Submission for the Rittermarch Jam
A tiny Mausritter adventure about mice seeking an oracle.
A strange settlement location for Mausritter inspired by Wandavision
A 6-mile hex for use with Mouseritter
Role Playing
A scenario concept for use with Mausritter
An adventure site location for Mausritter roleplaying game
An urban setting for Mausritter
A Hex Piece Point of Interest for Mausritter - Tri-fold
An OSR Adventure: The beavers' dam on the river is a fortress against smaller creatures.
Adventure site and weaponry for Mausritter.
A settlement for Mausritter and submission for Rittermarch jam
Brave mice are needed to recover a lost key.
A Single-Malt Scotch inspired Mausritter Monster
An adventure site for Mausritter, Rittermarch
A dozen magic items for your Mausritter game
Supermarket adventure location for Mausritter
A Mausritter bird sanctuary for Rittermarch.
Adventure location for Mausritter
A Mausritter location for the Rittermarch jam
A location for the mausritter Rittermarch jam
1 hex, a few subhexes and a flying saucer