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Cody provides the wolf and you provide everything else.

Where did this idea come from?

So one day, Cody decided to make a contest on his Twitter account:

  • Hey dudes, got an idea to propose

    A short story VN collab with anyone who can make VN and could pitch me story that I find interesting, and I will provide a few (3-4) character designs and sprites for free, quality will be something like this, with a few conditions:

My response was:

  • My pitch’s to turn this into a Battle Royale across the FVN community. There’ve been other VN Jams on
    that’re many Devs using the same assets & rules. 1 month to show what we can do. Maybe the demo that you like the most will be chosen to be continued.

My pitch did not win the contest.  Mr. Horrorbuns, creator of the titular Furry Visual Novel, Clawstar Wrestling amongst other VN related accolades, won.  I was able to convince Cody to go ahead with my idea, so I guess I won second place in a way.  Anyways now here we are.

What's the purpose of this?

Chaos!   But in all seriousness, I saw an opportunity to get even more MY WOLF Furry Visual Novels into the æther and I wanted to spread this opportunity to everyone.  Nothing seems to get more people more riled up in the Furry Visual Novel Community than a hot wolf.  So let's see what the community can do, under a time limit with a hot wolf.

RULES: (Subject to changes and additions)

  1. You must be 18 years or older to participate regardless of if the VN is adult or not.
  2. Submissions will be taken during the month of May.
  3. Brainstorming, Plot Outlining, Sketching and Team Building before the jam starts is allowed, but we encourage you to work on the game during the one month span.
  4. You must use the wolf assets that are provided or provide your own wolf assets.  Creative Commons and Custom assets are allowed and encouraged.
  5. The only restriction on the story is that it has to be between 2,000–25,000 words and include some element of romance with a wolf.  Romance can be of any form of sexuality.
  6. While other game elements may be present, the final product should be largely identified as a "visual novel."
  7. Any engine is allowed.
  8. The story must be made free to download.  Donations via are allowed.
  9. The title can not contain the phrase of "PRONOUN" + "WOLF"/"WOLVES"
  10. No AI generated assets.
  11. Submissions don’t have to be in English but it is strongly encouraged to have an English translation/patch after May but before the voting phase ends.
  12. Submissions need at least a Windows Version but an Android/WEB version(s) after May but before the voting phase ends is strongly recommended.  If you add an Android/WEB version(s) after May then make sure those versions do not have any additional content than the version that was uploaded during May had.


We are providing three .PSD files each containing a different character you can use.  The .PSD's have all the clothes, poses, expressions and lewdness on separate layers.  In regards to the licensing of the sprites:

  • My condition is that you can do whatever you want with the sprite for the jam, if you do want to continue the project with my sprites then it shouldn’t be monetised. The sprites are developed for this jam only, so any projects that are unrelated to this jam should not use the sprites I provided.
  • But if you do want to open a Patreon for your project for example, you should switch out the sprites and make your own assets.





BUT I NEVER MADE A VISUAL NOVEL BEFORE. (Yes, I did take most of these from NaNoRenO)

📝 How to Start Making Visual Novels

📚 VNDev Wiki

📒 A beginner's guide to using Ren'py

📑 Want some free Creative Commons assets?

📑 Looking for an engine to use?


If you have no budget or skills then I would recommend GIMP. has tutorials and it will process .PSD's.

Do I have to sign up anywhere to participate?

Nope.  This Game Jam was discussed and organized on the Furry Visual Novels Discord but you are under absolutely no obligation to join it for this jam.

The community tab will have links to other resources for those that want to join other communities on their MY WOLF journey.

Is there a prize or any judging?

There is no prize besides the clichéd bragging rights and satisfaction of knowing that you too will become a MY WOLF VN Developer too.  We will be doing a public judging here on 2 weeks after the deadline to crown winners. 

One again thank you to Cody for agreeing to provide the assets and good luck to all participants.

Here is a link to Cody's Twitter account where you can see the rest of his art.


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