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To the northwest of Mayfield, just south of the Rittermarchlies a hidden structure; lost amidst the dense forest. In the depths of these woods, under the most ancient and gnarled oak lies a ornate stone archway; through which is a doorway to endless tunnels, dug by forgotten generations of dwellers. Where they all lead, no one knows; welcome to the Tomb of a Thousand Doors.

In ages past, a mad mouse king built up stores for his vast riches in a massive, subterranean and deadly tomb. Seasons came and went and the tomb was left undisturbed. Sometime in the recent past, several antagonistic factions broke into the tomb and have uncovered various dangerous artifacts. Now, these diverse factions (Bat Cultists, Snake Worshipper, Plague Ratz, the Molerat Combine, and various other beasts) make this Tomb their home.

The Maus Kingdom is calling on brave mice adventurers to delve into the tomb and clear out the faction and retrieve any of the riches and artifacts that they can.


Mausritter: Megadungeon Mayhem is the next Game Jam hosted by Bernpyle Press. In this Game Jam creators are invited to create dungeons, dungeon rooms, traps, beasts, and treasures to stock and create the Tomb of a Thousand Doors. When the Jam comes to a close, all of the entries will be combined into a massive, epic megadungeon that will bring hours of gaming content to Mausritter tables across the world! When complete, ManaRampMatt will assign keyed numbers to each dungeon submission and then generate a "point-crawl" style map of the Tomb of a Thousand Doors, this will be released for free to the public. 


  • One-Page dungeons (A4 Spread (two A5) if possible)
    • Please include at least two possible connection points (i.e. doors to nothing etc.).
    • One spread is the desired and suggested requirement but additional spreads are okay, just please keep it to an even number of full-page spreads.
  • Single Dungeon rooms or tombs (A5 or an A4 spread if possible)
    • Does a dungeon seem too daunting to design? Well, how about just a single room.
    • There is no limit to the number of submissions. Go crazy.
  • Unique Trap (A5 if possible)
    • Create the most random and deadly traps or puzzles. These make the megadungeon feel alive.
    • Take inspiration from your favorite dungeons and make them mouse-sized.
    • Get Grimtooth's Ultimate Guide to Traps and hack it up!
  • Create a beast or a small bestiary (A5 if possible)
  • Give us your best! Make it truly horrifying or extremely cute and cuddly...
  • Flesh out one of the Factions or give us their dastardly leader. Is the Faction misunderstood?

  • Dangerous Artifacts and Vast Riches (A5 if possible)
  • We want spells, treasures, magic weapons; make them unique, tell a story.


  • There is no limit for submissions. If you are inspired, submit as many things as you'd like.
  • Please, if possible, format the submission to be either A4 spreads (210mm X 296mm) of A5 singles (210mm x 148mm). Also leave margins. This will make creating a zine extremely easy.
  • Feel free to charge whatever you'd like for your submission. Mausritter is PWYW (pay what you want) and that is a good suggestion, but don't feel limited to that. We do suggest having Community Copies available for those who are in a tighter place financially.
  • Please promo and share your submission on the Mausritter Discord to get the buzz brewing!
  • You are not required to, but highly encourage to include the "Mausritter Megadungeon Mayhem Submission" logo to your submission.

And with all that said... Happy creating and we can't wait to see what you come up with!


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Help the hamlet of Limburger and confront the vampire maus, Mausferatu.
Two monstrous creatures to use in your Mausritter adventure.
Discover the secret behind the smell of cheese in the Lair of the Gorgon, Zola.
A one-page dungeon for the Mausritter TTRPG by Isaac Williams
A puzzle room for your dungeon.
Acquire three legendary magic weapons in the Dungeon of the Mad Maus.
A past and future secret for Mausritter
A little dungeon for Mausritter / Un pequeño dungeon para Mausritter
a Mausritter Megadungeon Faction
A dungeon for mice willing to risk it all for the motherload
A supplement for Mausritter
Mausriter short dungeon
A small adventure about an ancient evil trapped in a tomb
A dungeon room for Mausritter
Firebugs Faeries built this room
Two Weasels are trapped in a game of life and death in another world. Can you break the stalemate and end the war?
Just one room for a nice mega-dungeon... My Mausritter Megadungeon Mayhem Submission.
A One Page Dungeon Slice for Mausritter
a Mausritter Megadungeon Faction
a Mausritter Megadungeon Dungeon
a Mausritter Megadungeon Faction
An adventure of mice in a dollhouse, fighting mysterious dolls
a Mausritter Megadungeon Dungeon
Three room mini-dungeon written for use with Mausritter.
An adventure of spectral horror for Mausritter
A modular one-page dungeon for Mausritter
a Mausritter Megadungeon Dungeon
a collection of treasures for Mausritter Megadungeon
a Mausritter Megadungeon Dungeon
A Mausritter Supplement
One page dungeon compatible with Mausritter
Do you dare enter the Temple of Emmental Evil?
A huge wet and sticky cave for Mausritter
A Venetian adventure for Mausritter Megadungeon mayhem jam!
Dungeon dwelling merchants for dungeoncrawls and meatgrinders of all kinds
A Mausritter compatible minidungeon
An aquatic subterranean travel network masquerading as a Mausritter dungeon
Discover what secrets hide behind the wrath of an angry spirit and a tribe of fearsome Froglodytes
A pair of creatures for the Mausritter Megadungeon Mayhem of May jam
A lich-like NPC for the Mausritter RPG by Isaac Williams
Mausritter Megadungeon Mayhem submission