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Mark has recently had many games. But now Mark wants to go into space, and feel what it's really like to be on the moon, or on a new planet, or interacting with strange aliens. Remember, the most important rule is that your game must have the Mark sprite

You can use for free these assets, provided by Kaboom


The theme for this MarkJam is SPACE. The topic is totally inspirational and it is not necessary to follow it, but it is recommended.


- Your game need have the Mark Sprite


Mark should be the protagonist of my game?
No, the fact that mark is present is enough to participate

My game needs to use Kaboom?

My submission need to be a game?
It doesn't even need to be a game, it can be a book, a comic book, music, whatever


Mark recommends using Kaboom to create your game.

  Kaboom is a Javascript library made to make creating games easy, fast and fun! Sponsor this Jam

In addition to you can also publish your game on Replit, with hashtag #markjam!


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Mark's travel from the earth's core to outer space!
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A small ball-firing paddle game that never ends. Almost Everything Is Mark.
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Mark is going to have to save the world from an alien invasion.
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song for the #markgamejam
A giant bird defends its planet against an alien invasion
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