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Welcome to the LUMEN jam!

This jam is for making anything you want with the newly released LUMEN system. That could mean making a brand new game, or creating some new classes, rules, or supplements for existing LUMEN RPGs! Check out each other's submissions as they come in, you might find something you want to build with.

Here are some general rules and guidelines:

  • Create anything you want using the LUMEN system
  • Feel free to break the SRD as much as you want!
  • Whole new games and supplements of existing games are all welcome
  • I encourage you to put a price on your work, if you are comfortable doing so. If you do, I would also encourage you to use Community Copies as an option to help those in need
  • If you participate, tweet me @GilaRPGs and let me know! I want to see it, and share your excitement!
  • Any games or content that encourages hate or bigotry have no fucking place here. 
  • If we need more time, I'll extend the deadline!

If you do make something, all I ask is that you include the following text, and the logo for games "Illuminated by LUMEN" somewhere on your page. You can find a download of the logo on the LUMEN page!

"This game is Illuminated by LUMEN, based on the LUMEN RPG system designed by Spencer Campbell, Gila RPGs. This game is in no way affiliated with Spencer Campbell or Gila RPGs."


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An RPG of immortal guardians.
We Will Damn This World Together
Badass Loot-n-Shoot TTRPG
A monster hunting ttrpg based on LUMEN
LUMEN-powered high-flying action on a world that's trying to kill you.
Necromantic. Power. Fantasy. Locked Tomb Trilogy inspired, and Illuminated by LUMEN.
Nature's post-apocalyptic heroes battle scary faeries in a tactical, rules-light tabletop RPG.
System Tools for Special Random Drops, Boss Mechanics and Finale Encounters for LUMEN
Heirs to the Apocalypse must save their world when the elders do nothing.
A LUMEN Game of Villainous Intentions
A scrappy arcano-tech RPG about robots in the aftermath of the Arcane Apocalypse.
Who you gonna call?
A TTRPG about spaceship-girls. Illuminated by Lumen.
low-tech + anti-capitalist + power fantasy; illuminated ttrpg
Survive the Watcher's Game in this illuminated by LUMEN tabletop role-playing game
A Dark Fantasy RPG, Illuminated by LUMEN
A co-op time management party RPG for 3 to 5 players.
A Skyward Role-Playing Game
A card-based, rogue-like ttrpg for 2 to 4 players.
A post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG, illuminated by LUMEN
Space Probes, Orbital Colonies, and the End of All That Is. Illuminated by LUMEN.
A robot role playing game, illuminated by Lumen.
rules-lite cyberspace arena battle game for use with mins and maps
The last city must defend itself against the armies of Heaven and Hell.
Escape the all consuming singularity
A class for LIGHT
RPG Miniature gaming in a world of Accursed knights and monsters. Illuminated by Lumen
Dark violence and epic loot, illuminated by LUMEN
A free, Ace Attorney inspired TTRPG!
Defend Your Illustrated World from the Eaters of Inspiration
XCOM-inspired action illuminated by lumen
Crawl through a Megadungeon. Build a Base Camp to improve future delves. Die a lot!
The fantasy hypersport of the pseudofuture
A Beat 'Em Up inspired TTRPG for 2-4 players and a GM
Sci-fi Pulp Adventure on a Dyson Sphere
A LUMEN game inspired by Arx Fatalis
A QuickStart for the game Rustbuckets. All you need to dive in and get a feel for the game!
A game about fighting a fate-stealing conspiracy
A post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG about reclaiming the planet from an alien threat. Illuminated by LUMEN.
A one-page RPG about three-inch high fairies piloting two-foot tall mechs.
An Illuminated by the LUMEN system tabletop RPG inspired by MegaMan X about humanoid robots hunting their corrupted kin.
post-apocalyptic LUMEN ttrpg
Mind meld with your friends, fight giant monsters, live the Pacific Rim fantasy in the LUMEN system.
Barebones edition of The Breach for free
A tabletop roleplaying game of slaying monsters and rebuilding your world
A space-shooter roleplaying game Illuminated by Lumen
Fight and Explore a Doomed Space Station in this Illuminated by Lumen Game
Humanity has spread out the stars and brought war with them
An Illuminated RPG about a dark place.
An adventure for KeganExe's In Extremis
In a game Illuminated by the LUMEN system, play AIs driving biomechs on Search and Rescue missions!
Bloodborne-inspired TTRPG illuminated by LUMEN
Real Revenue Release
A one-shot TTRPG inspired by games like Monster Hunter and Anthem.
Try NOVA before you back it!
You are: genetically engineered rats. Interns. Addicted to glowing green goop. Humanity's best hope.
An animal folk fantasy fighting game. Battle across strange afterlives in this action ttrpg Illuminated by LUMEM.
Alien Containment Exarchs
Imagine Dungeons & Dragons with giant magic or science themed mechs.