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Java of the Dead - Game Jam


Make a Java game for Pokitto Hardware and/or Pokitto Emulator

Open to anyone, you can participate by submitting on game jam page or forums

Deadline HALLOWEEN 2019 (Thursday , 31 October)

PRIZES (for 3 winners + 3 runner-ups)!

Your choice as winner(s) are:

A) Pokitto game console


B) SUPER NERD Pokitto Development kit, meaning NXP Development kit + display, build the hardware from scratch (Pros only!)

AND AS A SUPER BONUS for 3 best runner-ups:

NAUTICRAWL game made by our very own community member Andrea Interguglielmi !!!!


Java of the Dead is intended to be a celebration of Java and the possibility of a new chance, even if it means being an undead zombie!

You may interpret that in any fun way you wish, mixing zombies, the undead, vampires and voodoo, Java and coffee - in any order and concentration you desire!

Get tools from official competition page:

Discussion about compo:


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Voodoo themed box-pushing puzzle game similar to 'Baba Is You'
A reinvention of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator for the Pokitto's Java of the Dead Competition.
Awaken: Pokitto Java of the dead game jam entry
Blast zombie hands and take their coffee!
The zombie apocalypse is over. You just missed it.
Collect coffee beans in the daytime, keep the zombies away from the coffee store at night.
Collecting dash game for the Java of the dead Pokitto gamejam
Its time for Zombies to rise! First one to top is the winner!
In a zombie apocalypse you have to defeat zombies and vampires. By the way: you're a pig.