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Isolation Game Jam is an annual Game jam hosted at Kollafoss Game Farm in Húnaþing Vestra, North West Iceland, on the days 13th of June to 17th of June. This page is a showcase of the games developed there.

Since 2014, people have travelled to the middle of nowhere, top of the world Iceland, Kollafoss Game Farm, with two goals in mind; Make games and pet lambs.

There's no sign of civilization around, barely any farm, as Kollafoss is situated in a dead end valley close to the borders of the highlands of Iceland. The only thing you can see is the barren highlands ahead, small group of game developers who got the same crazy idea as you, and some sheep.


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Get the letter tiles into your opponents goal by pressing the corresponding letters of the keyboard!
Prototype for isolation jam. Also not really playable but you CAN shoot sheep!
prototype unplayable
A two player boardgame about social floating on thin ice
Guessing game for 2+ players, using toothpicks and carseat bread.
Experiment from Isolation Jam with dynamic split screen in Godot 3