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Hi everyone! Some of you might know our community on Tumblr already, but we are here to expand ourselves to as well. We know there are plenty of works of interactive fiction here already (whether they're text-based, visual novels, or lots of other variations of it!) so we wish to encourage our community to branch out, interact with other works, experience what else the IF community has to offer, and possibly start creating themselves!

The non-ranked jam is officially over!

We'd like to thank and congratulate everyone who submitted their games for all their hard work and passion. We highly encourage all readers to check all the entries out! And if you want even more games, we suggest you take a look at this collection which features the works from the ranked and non-ranked jams alike.

  • What kind of game can I make?  For this edition, we're accepting text-based works of interactive fiction! This means your game might rely on sound effects or a few images, but they shouldn't be the focus of your narrative. Games such as visual novels or with point and click elements will not be counted.
    If you have any questions on what kind of games we're expecting, please check out this collection for examples.
  • When does the jam begin? The jam will begin on the 1st of January at midnight (happy new year!) in the GMT -3 timezone
  • What can I make my game in? Anything! As long as the story is text-based, anything goes.
  • What's the theme? The theme is "Red Herring", meaning a story element that is misleading, a clue or information that draws the audience away from a question, a story element, or the author providing false leads such as fake or useless clues that entice the audience to a false conclusion.
  • Who will judge the games? No one! This is the non-ranked version of the event, it will have no voting and no rating. If you're feeling more competitive head to the ranked jam!
  • Where else can I find interact-if? On Tumblr @interact-if, or our Discord server here!

Legal section:

- Anything you make during the jam is your property.  Interact-if will claim no rights or ownership of your game or assets created for the game jam.
-Winners of the ranked jam and honorable mentions of both the ranked and non-ranked jams will be featured on the interact-if Tumblr.


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Dark fantasy + romance (between a lost soul and an almost-god)
Interactive Fiction
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A fantasy noir interactive novella
Interactive Fiction
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Bienvenue à l'Opéra. {Created for the @interact-if nonranked game jam, using the theme "red herring".}
Interactive Fiction
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A game about red herrings, literally. Also protecting the environment by killing a capitalist snake.
Interactive Fiction
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