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Insane Game Jam, a chance where your craziest idea comes to life and be admired!

You might once have an idea about a really difficult game design. However, once you let your family and friends tried it, they all failed, thus making you to modify it. But here in Insane Game Jam, we exactly want you to create some insanely hard to beat games! Your skill level on game development doesn't matter. The only thing limiting you is your creativity.

Any! Example:
  • Unity Engine
  • Unreal Engine
  • LÖVE Game Framework
  • Game Maker Studio 2
However, if possible, HTML5 is recommended instead of .exe files.

Here are some but the final decision will be on us:

  • No NSFW (Can be played by everyone browsing on
  • No offensive content
  • Make sure all assets are okay to be used and credit creators if necessary
  • Terms and Conditions

No matter are you a beginning or an expert, just enjoy the process appreciate the efforts you made!



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Challenging little rhythm game
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You can't win this game.
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Impossible Game for Impossible Game Jam
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Test your Reflexes!
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you are a cube and you have to make it through levels while not getting hit
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pacman remake