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About the Jam

Hue Shift is a tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) jam celebrating one year of the Huetopia community of streamers, game designers, and performers. We invite game designers to submit hacks of games by Huetopia creators, which are available for viewing in the Hue Shift Hackables collection and for purchase in the Hue Shift Hackables Bundle.

What is a hack? It’s where you take an existing game and modify it in some way. For example, if there's a game you like but the game has a fantasy setting and you’d rather play it in a sci-fi setting, you might write a sci-fi hack of it. Or perhaps you played the game with your gaming group and you ended up changing the rules and you want others to be able to play your version. 

Why hacking? This jam is designed to highlight the work of some fantastic folks in this space and inspire designers without pressuring them to create an entirely new game. 


  1. You can hack any game in the Hue Shift Hackables collection between May 2 and July 31, 2022.
  2. Your submission should be a standalone game, meaning that this game can be played by itself (with or without accessories).
  3. Please include a text-only version of your game instead of/ in addition to a PDF.
  4.  Previously published hacks, as well as multiple submissions, are allowed.
  5. If your entry is written in a language other than English, please provide an English translation.
  6. Mention safety tools in your submission. If you’re not sure which safety tools to suggest, check out the TTRPG Safety Toolkit co-curated by Kienna Shaw and Lauren Bryant-Monk.
  7. List all applicable content warnings within the game and on its product page.
  8. Games that promote oppression and bigoted views are not permitted.
  9. Some games have specific instructions. Please adhere to the exact wording, punctuation, and stylization in the attribution phrases provided, and respect each creator's design intentions.
    1. Attribution for Chinese Ghost Stories We Tell Ourselves. "This game is based on Chinese Ghost Stories We Tell Ourselves by Alyx Bui (@daredevilalyx)."
    2. Attribution for CROSSROADS. "This game is based on CROSSROADS by Sebastian Yūe (@sebastianyue)."
    3. Instructions for INGKIT. Keep the hydration mechanic.
    4. Attribution for i want your bite. "This game is a hack of 'i want your bite' by Rue Dickey (IlanaNight)."
    5. Attribution for penultimate:.  "this hack of quinn b. rodriguez's penultimate: is the whisper of a feverdream.
    6. Instructions for The Goblin Pulls Out a Gun. Please use the CCA 4.0 in the doc with a phrase of attribution.



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The Bachelor, if the bachelor were a warlock
A strangled gasp of a nightmare about a Work that can never be finished
A game about dead gods and the consequences of their corpses.
A GM-less RPG inspired by medieval crime and punishment and final thoughts.
Role Playing
Or if the bachelor was about pirates, an RPG hack
a conversation between a monster and their hunter
A game about healing from an eating disorder