This jam is now over. It ran from 2022-03-01 20:00:00 to 2022-04-08 19:00:00. View results

This jam is exactly as it says on the tin: a jam to hack the 3d6D system to create your own games!

3d6D, or 3d6Diversify, is an agnostic system for TTRPGs that encourages balancing special abilities against a point pool. Players decide how well they use their special ability vs how much it might cost them. Creativity and role-playing are encouraged and rewarded. This system is developed to be used for any genre, from sci-fi to fantasy, from horror to romance, and anything in between.

To read more about the 3d6D system, nab the document from the SRD's game page. The document will be set to PWYW during the entire month of the jam, making it free to download. Before the jam, a ton of Community Copies have been added for ease of access.

The ranking system is just for fun. For incentive, I'll add "Top Three 3d6D Games" linked on the 3d6D game page to help with exposure. 

Now on to the Guidelines!

  • Be excellent to each other.
  • Games can be any length.
  • Be sure to submit something that's complete. New files can't be uploaded once ranking begins.
  • All genres welcomed, but nothing that promotes bigotry, racism, etc.
  • Respect licensing and copyright laws.
  • Hack it as much as you want. Get creative. Have fun.


Totally optional and open.

If you need some inspiration though, feel free to use one or more of these: 

  • Breathe
  • Embark
  • Distribute

How you interpret them is up to you.


If you would like some ideas for how to use 3d6D for a game, feel free to check out these games:

Questions? Comments? Torches and Pitchforks?

Feel free to post in the Community tab, under the Questions, Comments, Concerns thread. If you don't feel comfortable sharing it, contact me on Twitter or email me at
This is the first jam I've ever run, so please be gentle.


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Embark on a journey. Evade your enemies. Engineer a solution.
Wrangle the cutest Herd ever, but beware the clawful perils that await you!
A solo Diversified game about chasing after bubbles of hope and dreams of faith.
Uncover mysteries and save the day at Camp Geode using magically infused geodes to unlock awesome powers!
A TTRPG about building your community, remaining happy, & making the world a better place one wacky adventure at a time
A solo 3d6D game about gathering colors for a new world.
Reborn of the Sun; A 3d6D Space Fantasy RPG
a game for shambling meat-computers
Alien beings suplexing each other across the cosmos!
A 3d6D hack about decadent heroes