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KEY(BOARD/BREAK)View game page

Memorize and break your keyboard! (please don't break it)
Submitted by Dinamic Creates — 1 hour, 45 minutes before the deadline
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There quite a bit to be improved;
It misses a lose condition. Meaning you can get infinite score by pressing random buttons.

Even being a very fast typer knowing the position of each and every key, its impossible to keep up after 60 or so.

The pause mechanic can be abused to get a higher score if you dont know the position of keys.

There is no restart.

Overall a lot can be improved, but you have delivered a game that works, and thats what counts :D.


Thanks for playing it! 

Yes! It's weird, the way I made the game makes the Texts (UI elements) act like if they were game objects, so I had a hard time working out the conditions. In my bigger projects I got it working out, checking the win/lose condition based on the player position.  I thought on changing everything and make them sprites but the clock was running and I got nervous. 

Also, the game works a little more responsive in the debug mode (I got over 120pts)  and I didn't got too much time to adjust that, I did my best, tho. 

I didn't thought of the pause being exploitable... But yes! That's true! I should take it out.  

Restart would've worked after the victory/defeat screen, waiting seconds and restarting, but yes. I got the game's idea on the very last day, so I was rushing.  

I think this could be more fun as a multiplayer game, what do you think?  I'm not sure if making the players "play twister with their fingers" would be a good idea.... Maybe give each player specific keys?

Thanks again, I love your feedback!


A multiplayer sumo style game, each controlling a part of the keyboard sounds quite a bit more fun indeed.


Nice idea but not quite fun.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for trying my game! 
I believe that if I give a skin to the game (my idea is to make somewhat of a sumo game but with good looking characters) and make the typing thing look like a quick time event, it could get a little more engaging. 

Or maybe as a multiplayer?