Submissions open from 2021-12-01 00:00:00 to 2022-01-01 02:30:00
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It's the season to be jolly!

Following the success of GBA Jam 2021, we're wrapping up the year with a more relaxed jam.

There are no ratings and no prizes (aside from your own satisfaction)! Come join us on Discord or IRC if you'd like to chat with other participants and share your progress!


  • Your submission must include a .gba file.
  • It should run on real hardware or an accurate emulator such as mGBA or NanoBoyAdvance.
  • It can be a game or something else (music cart, toy, demo, etc.)
  • Only use code and assets that you have permission to use, and give appropriate credit.
  • No NSFW or offensive content.


The (optional) theme for the jam is "Frozen". Take it literally, metaphorically, or not at all - it's there to help if you need ideas!


How do I make a GBA game?
  There are quite a lot of good options nowadays!
  Check out the libraries below, and head over to for the full list of resources.
     •  libtonc - a low-level C library providing direct access to the hardware    
     •  Butano -  a high-level modern C++ engine
     •  gbaplusplus - a low-level modern C++ library
     •  gba-modern - a batteries-included modern C++ project template
     •  BPCore - an engine that uses Lua scripting, similar to PICO-8
     •  gbsenpai - can be used to port GB Studio games to GBA
     •  gba / agb * - two possible crates for Rust users
     •  libseven * - a new replacement for libtonc
     •  ugba * - a C library that can also target PC
     •  Natu * - a toolkit using the Nim language

  ( * = experimental, may be subject to change as new features are added)

How do I add music and sounds?
  Capable GBA music libraries include Maxmod and Apex Audio System.
  You can use OpenMPT to write your own music, or search places like The Mod Archive for songs made by others.

Can I work in a team?

Can I port / remake / demake an existing game?
  Yes, but if you are copying more than just the mechanics (e.g. the name and characters) then please get permission first!

Can I enter something I was already working on?
  Yes! Since there are no prizes or ratings, feel free to use this as a chance to finish an existing project.

Do I have to publish my source code?
  No, but it would be very cool if you did!

But it's not even winter!
  You can still enter, even if you live outside the northern hemisphere! ^^