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Theme: Robot

Which is your favorite robot? Astro Boy, Arale, Doraemon, Transformers, Bender, Marvin, D2R2, Baymax, WALL-E or the Iron Giant? It's time to bring your dreams into reality. You can build a robot world, have an adventure with your robot friends, or even fight against the evil robot overlord. Please feel free to blow us away.

This time, many thanks to C9 and M.T Law, we are providing some character designs that you can use in your games if you want.

C9 and M.T Law are great independent artists who created the "Tin Town".  We welcome other artists to contact us to be featured in our future Game Jams.

Tin Town was once a quiet and happy place where Senior Courier Robert has been living in for years until the dark force, Bubble and Iron Ball, infiltrated in. Robert and his assistant Bob have been fighting against the dark force since then. Things are different now. Can they kick the dark force out of town like super hero movies? Or the dark force wins eventually?

Development Environment: any language that runs on GameShell 

Specification of the ClockworkPi GameShell device could be found on

Reward: CPI points* (based on Ethereum)

  • TOP1: 2000 points
  • TOP2: 1600 points
  • TOP3: 1000 points

* Every 200 CPI points can exchange one GameShell kit. (CPI points are not redeemable for cash)

* Shipping to China mainland and the USA (Hawaii and overseas territories not included) are free. 

Game Length: Judges will only be required to evaluate a game for 1 HOUR if it passes the screening stage. Any game over 1 hour will be judged only on its first hour.

You must have the right to use all software, resources, and tools involved in the creation of the game. Please make sure to accredit resource creators in a text file included with your game.  

Characters provided by TIN TOWN™ are *optional* in this Game Jam , any subsequent usage are subject to your agreement with the TIN TOWN™ team.  TIN TOWN™ may use your Game Jam submission for cross-promotion. 

You are also free to use your own character design.  Choice of character will NOT affect the judge for your game.

There is no limit on the size of the development team. You can have one person or 10+ people. Keep in mind that prize winnings will only be awarded to the user that submits the game.

All files required to play the game MUST be included in the download.  If the game does not run because of missing files, it will be disqualified.

No 18+ Content: This includes strong sexual themes and content, graphic nudity, or extreme portrayals of violence. If you're unsure, please follow ESRB guidelines.

Plagiarism and any other forms of CHEATING are grounds for disqualification. Let's make this a clean and fair competition for everyone! 

We suggest you to set the default language of your game in English to avoid misunderstandings during judge. Your game submission must be able to run on the latest version GameShell device. You can include additional downloads for other platforms, but only the GameShell version will be judged.

We are testing to allow public voting for this time. Please refrain from abusing fair public voting rules. Clockwork Contest Judges have the right to penalize or disqualify a submission for reasons including, but not limited to, the violation of the above rules. Judges decisions are final.


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Use X to scratch cats! Stack them up, and drop them off!
Play in browser
A Robot Fighting Game
Sweeping robot has to clean the room and stay away from the cat
Play in browser
A visual novel about a robot looking for its purpose.
Visual Novel
Turn-based Robot Battle