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Welcome to the second Game Breaker's Toolkit Game Jam. I hope you're not too exhausted from Ludum Dare!

This is a 48h  game making marathon but over a 9 days timespan, so you can really take any week-end you like to make a game. You can also spend the entire time on it if it will make it worse. This jam is focused on showing the worst designs, mechanics, and shitty ideas. The jam runs from Friday 24th of April to Sunday the 3rd of May.

This jam is a parody of the GMTK Game jam, which you can learn more about here.

Here's what you need to know:

Who can enter? Anyone, from anywhere. You can work alone or in teams to make the worst game.  You can also enter a game you've already made before if you think it fits this jam. You can also make multiple small games if you want.

What can I make my game in? Anything, provided you can upload a file that runs on Windows (and other operating systems, if you like) or browsers, to Keep your bad card games or shitty Mario Maker levels to yourself. Also avoid installers at all cost, prefer stand-alone executables. No one wants to install a bad game.

What assets can I use? You can use any audio or video assets you have the legal right to use. Code and design should be done entirely within the allotted time, but don't hesitate to directly copy paste another project's code or assets if this would lead to a hilariously bad game. (You can also just submit a bad game of yours which already exists if you wish)

Who will judge the games? Anyone can vote, rankings don't matter anyway. Just like last time,  there will be a video featuring all games on my youtube channel.

What will the games be judged on? This is a bad design contest, and anything goes. . As a general rule rate more stars on criteria which fail excellently. For instance in the "Ear destruction" category, Final fantasy music would get a 1/5. A game that destroys your eardrums gets a 5/5. Here are the rating criteria:

  • Frustration (does your game force you to wait or redo a lot of content?)
  • Unfairness (how little does the player's skill impact gameplay?)
  • Confusion (how badly do you teach your mechanics?)
  • Uncanny valley (how ugly does your game look?)
  • Ear destruction (how bad is the audio?)
  • Bugs (or features in this case)
  • Microtransactions (or any BS triple AAA game practice. Please don't use actual money for this though)

The winner will be the game with the highest overall score in those really bad categories

Note  : here's a discord server you can join if you wish to talk about the jam:


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a cool visual noevl
Visual Novel
Run the game
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Boring and pointless. Why would you play this.
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Green Boi goes on adventure
Epic FPS survival game were you play as the famous wizard garry
dont bother
Visual Novel
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Awful game with a huge objective : saving the world !
Epic game with realistic FPS MMO GRAPHICS
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The Hardest Game Ever?? NO FUN??
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Visual Novel
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Game series about an alternate version of the space race between USSR and USA
hello this is my very good game pls play it i hope you like it
Interactive Fiction
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A Wall Of Text
For gamejame
Awful game
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