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Game 3: Magical Realists

Create a 2D top-down game inspired by a tweet from "magic realism bot" (links below) incorporating at least three separate scenes including at least one top down walking and talking scene and at least one vignette scene. 

- Magic Realism expresses a primarily realistic view of the real world while also adding or revealing magical elements.   
- Top down walking/talking scene like you would find in an RPG such as pokemon. Walking around talking to characters.
- A vignette scene is usually one around a very specific small moment where the player interacts very directly with fine control. eg, you might control the hand of someone brushing spiders out of their hair, or the blade of a knife going into someone's back, or perhaps a little kid stuffing christmas tree baubles.

The art must be created using non-aliased digital brushes, ie: pixel art. You shouldn't spend time placing individual pixels, it can also be messy and drawn quickly, or it can be rotoscoped (ie drawn over real images). Try to select a limited pallete of certain colours that best suit your game.

Magic Realism Bot Tweets:

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or search twitter for "@magicrealismbot" + another random word. 

The game should have a clear development, from beginning, middle and end.
It should feature at least two characters fleshed out with charater sheets.

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Short story based game. Following a young teddy bear on a trip to there grandparents.