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a short web game based on a random tweet
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"In Mumbai, there is a supermarket that is infinitely large."
A short, story-driven game about magical realism and, of course, kites.
Interactive Fiction
A Bookshop Owner hears of a Toilet that can Destroy the Stars and sets out to find it.
An army officer sets out on a journey to a marble city
A Sultan wishes to destroy knowledge.
Role Playing
2D Top Down
yet another unfinished mess
A naive, spoiled kid. One big, cuddly bear. Nobody could have known what was in store.
A little vignette game
A curious murder case which takes place in a sorority house
traffic jam
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Short story based game. Following a young teddy bear on a trip to there grandparents.
You play as the extravegant modern artist Pedro Nawabi on the night of latest and greatest piece of performance art yet.
Stand up to the conformity. Drink Tequila.
You are lost, but in what dimension will you be found?
Tonight, a little girl will appear and give you the meaning of life.
The night sky grows sparce. You are an agent set out to find out what's going on with the disappearing stars.
Rough version of a project based on a Magical Realism Bot tweet.
A short game based off Magic Realism Bot's tweet on August 3rd. A hacker meets a quirky AI while hacking a system.