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Cairn has occasionally been called a "forest fantasy" roleplaying game. But what does that mean? Do the characters lose themselves in a deep wood, surrounded by horrific creatures? Or are they brave travellers, exploring the uncharted depths of their world? What is a forest, anyway? For the month of March I'm asking folks to create content around either:

This can be in the form of adventures, settings, loadouts, hacks, whatever! You do not need to write something for the Cairn system specifically, though that would be very nice! If you do provide stats for another system, please reach out and we'll get a conversion going. And of course, system neutral is just fine. You can charge whatever you like, and there is no 3rd-party license requirement.

That's it. I'm excited to see what folks come up with, however small or large! Remember there are already a ton of resources for inspiration. Everything on the website (including the full game) is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0

Please join us on the NSR Discord or the Cauldron if you have questions, need help, anything!


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Procedural quests for Cairn (and other fantasy role-playing games)
A short adventure for Cairn
Fragmented Journal - Art zine/booklet of missing pages to the field of visions
A system agnostic die drop forest point crawl.
Pocket-sized system neutral woodland horror
A pastoral forest adventure for old school roleplaying
A dark forest adventure site for Cairn
A setting and adventure for Cairn and OSE
A pointcrawl for Cairn - how far will you go for a comfy night's sleep?
A Half-Dozen Random Tables for the Cairn Forest Jam
Snowy pointcrawl exploration adventure for Cairn
Forested Fun for the "Cairn: Forests of Another Name" Jam
An enchanted forest one-shot for Cairn
Tough decisions in a witch's forest
An underground setting and generator for the Cairn adventure game
A Mini-Hexcrawl and two Adventures for Cairn
Post-Apocalyptic forest-crawl
A map-making and journaling solo RPG. Be the Forest. End civilization.
Can you save the village of Warberley when death descends from the night sky on silent wings?
A weird Appalachian bestiary for Cairn.
20 conditions for characters exploring The Forest
a rotten trunk filled with growling, drooling and hungry problems
A collaborative walking setting- and map-making game.
A ghost forest adventure for Cairn and Into the Odd
Soon-to-sink island adventure for Cairn/OSR
A pilgrimage through the woods in search of peace.
fractal forest foray
A small forest dungeon for the Cairn RPG.
wildwood horror pointcrawl sandbox for Cairn
Seven monsters for the Cairn RPG
Three Japanese folklore-inspired forest spirits and their accompanying curses
Procedural point crawl engine for exploring a network of clearings in an Eternal Forest
An Island with a Priest King and Beavers
A Forest Adventure for Cairn
en råden træstamme fyldt knurrende, savlende og sultne problemer
A pointcrawl adventure for Cairn.