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Florida Poly's Media Club 48 Hour Game Jam! Do your best!

The theme is:

Getting out of an Awkward Situation

Rules for Participation

Below are the rules to participate in the Game Jam. In order to participate in the competition, you will need sign the waiver indicating that you’ve read and understood all these rules. Failure to adhere to these rules can be grounds for disqualification from the event. The rules are as follows:

  1. You must abide by Florida Polytechnic University’s student code of conduct to ensure appropriate event behavior. Any concerns about event safety and dishonesty must be brought up to Media Club E-Board members, immediately. Failure to abide by the student code of conduct may result not only in disqualification but action on the part of the university.
  2. Plagiarism of source code, art assets, music, and other related game assets is unacceptable and is grounds for disqualification. As an event participant, any royalty free assets/music, asset packs, add-ons and other things that you have not made in the span of the event MUST be specified in your submission and in your presentation.
  3. Previously purchased asset packs, add-ons, and other engine asset store purchases can be used. However, the purchase of these items cannot exceed an individual asset purchase of $15 and total cost of $20. You will be judged on your ability to rapidly prototype a game and will be required to give credit to these sources.
  4. The use of a previous game project is prohibited. We implemented a theme to avoid the use of previous game projects. However, the use of individual pieces of source code, previously made art assets and music is fine, but it must be explicitly stated in your submission and presentation. Judges must have transparency as to what was made during the period of the Game Jam, to judge accurately.
  5. Max team sizes cannot exceed 5 people. You may build a smaller team; however, you will be judged equally against a five-person team.
  6. Teams must form on Friday and create a team name. This is to keep the participants anonymous for judging. Students cannot change teams after the original team declaration.
  7. You may use a school computer to develop your project, however we cannot guarantee you a school computer. We advise you to bring your own hardware.
  8. If you have been accused of violating the rules leading to potential disqualification, the Florida Poly Media Club Executive Board will need to discuss and achieve a majority vote to disqualify a team or individual from the event.
  9. Participants are required to wear event badges during the entire event. These badges will allow us to recognize those who belong in the event (for security measures) and those who are getting food and promotional items.
  10. We cannot guarantee food and promotional items to more than 40 people. If you were one of the first 40 people to register but you do not show up to registration, someone else will come up on the list and claim your participation items.
  11. Please bring up all food allergies and/or health concerns with the Media Club Executive Board, by the end of the Kickoff meeting. Failure to do so cannot guarantee safe food and accommodation for health concerns. This relieves the event planner, the Media Club and Florida Polytechnic University of any liability and civil law suits.

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