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Spend an afternoon and make a flatgame/flatcomic/collage about somewhere you went or somewhere you spent time in 2018. All you need to make a game is a couple of free hours, a computer, and some markers. c: 

Hey y'all! We’re returning for another FLATJAM to take us into the new year. This is the third!!!! Everyone can make interactive stories and art, so let's do it! They can be funny, weird, sad, exciting, scary and everything in between or beyond.   

 Sure, sounds cool. But what IS a flatgame?? 

  1.  Make a game about a memory.
  2.  Make all the art physically: markers, pen and paper, clay, found art, objects around the house, SOCKS!  Perhaps give yourself a time and paper limit and stick to it. You can do a LOT in 1 hour! For animation, draw things twice!   
  3. Place the art into the game! The game should feature only movement and animation; no further interaction or collision.  
  4. Write your text/story/dialogue/sound effects and place it onto the world like art. 
  5. Sound is a single track of music, conversation, ambience. Try recording it yourself!

Then release it! Make lovely landing pages. Include images of your game and your materials!
Flatgames are all about presenting a game as the most raw combination of movement, art and sound. 

Think about how you can use the 2D canvas to represent time and space too! That's it!

Break the rules if you wanna (they're there to help), but stay true to the ethos! (If you like after a set amount of time or through exploring, the game may loop, end or transition to another flatgame scene.)


I'm ready!

Use any tool you like, eg: such as Construct 2, Flatpack or even Unity! 

We have an  awesome tutorial by Siobhan Gibson. The First-Timers' Guide to Making a Flatgame! 
And we two unity templates to start from by Ragzouken, Siobhan Gibson and me
Basic Template (includes the two main scripts and a simple scene) 
Advanced Template (includes bonus scripts and examples of them) Or if you want just the scripts: - Basic Scripts - Bonus Scripts

For inspo, check out Fireside Flatgames by Bristol creators, last year's entries and those from the first year.

A few I love are: 
Overground by Rosa Carbo-Mascarell 
Cavern by Birdstare
Macaulay Dad 2016 by Kyle Reimergartin 
Radiation Wave by sweeneezy
Text Your Crush: A Nightmare by ageoftheinsect

So, let's get the jam started! 8)

Thanks to Liadh for the poster & to the creators of Fireside Flatgames for the screenshots!
And super thanks to Breogán for the initiative this year and co-hosting! :3

Send any questions/thoughts to us at or message Breogan on Twitter @BreoganHackett.

All the best!  
Llaura & Breogán


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house hunting but fun
Interactive Fiction
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Be a cloud. Wander through the meadow. Let your worries go.
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a short digital audio walk
Visual Novel
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fanart of the games i played/wrote about in 2018
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A flatgame I made for FLATJAM 2018.
Gems from Friends - A small guide to some of the funniest episodes.
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a flatgame about a tiny hermit crab
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step into the shoes of a day in the life of a typical accountant
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space, but flatter
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jamming to explore audio and narrative of a bigger VR concert
Interactive Fiction
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