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This Jam is my love letter to Game Jams and the creativity they inspire! So be creative!

You probably already have 五德 - The Five Powers - it was in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality alongside 歸妹 - Returning Maiden. In case you don't reach out to me on twitter: @wuderpg.

Pronunciation: If you wonder how to say 五德, on paper, it is pronounced wǔ dé; and if you want to hear it spoken, copy and past the two characters into your preferred online translation software. They probably have a speaker button that will produce a standard pronunciation.

五德 - The Five Powers is a setting agnostic game - this means your game can take place in any world you choose! The game mechanics are based on the philosophy of the 5 powers (or elements) and the idea of Yin and Yang. I call this the Element Dice System. You can easily play it with regular six-sided dice.


Create something for 五德 - The Five Powers. This could be

  • Your own idea for a setting with some storylines,
  • Your own spin on the rule set of 五德,
  • or a small game like 歸妹 - Returning Maiden.
  • Make a lyric game,
  • or create artwork inspired by the 5 powers.
  • You could even make additions to the Element Dice System that tie in with philosophy behind the 5 powers and built on the different relations between the 5 elements,
  • or you could mix in another system!

Rules for this Jam:

  • Create something new that fits into the philosophy of the 5 powers! The idea of this Jam is to get your creativity running, so use the inspiration and make something new. Feel free to submit your idea to other jams as well
  • No racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, fatphobic, or other bigoted content
  • If you are creating something that uses elements from cultures other than your own, reach out to members of this culture for a sensitivity read
  • Make sure you create safe content. If you create something that touches sensitive topics, use content warnings CW in your description

Available Files

Here you can find and download a PDF and Word file of the Element Table and Element Diagram. You are free to use them or change them the way you need them.

Can I sell this?

  • Yes. This is your content, so you should charge as much or as little as you feel is appropriate

But if you sell your content, you

  • must reference 五德 - The Five Powers
  • can't just copy & paste passages or use the artwork
  • are free to use the diagram with the 5 powers arranged like a pentagram/star

Be Creative and have Fun!


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Expanded and Variation rules for the Element Dice system and WuDe narrative RPG.
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