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Welcome to a Mini Feedback Quest 🎉

⚔️ Old and New RPG titles Welcome

⚔️ Join and Give Feedback to Others

by Indie Questing



🔥How To Participate?

1. Simply submit your RPG page to the jam when the submission period is open (only a small number of games will be selected every time so that streamers have a chance to cover all the titles) If you are not selected just attend the next appropriate mini event or join the next main event!

2. You must have free demo or version available to play

3. Join the Discord and help support and interact with streamers covering the event

4. When the submission period has ended, start rating and helping out fellow developers to improve their games



Your game will be rated on the following criteria by your peers and the public.  The judges will also pick their own favorite games

  • Overall Fun
  • Controls/UI
  • Art
  • Sound / Music


🔥Indie Streamers Section🔥

Are you a streamer? Do you love indie games? Want to help support indie devs?

Head on over here to find out how to fully join up with the event!


⚔️Pledged Streamers⚔️

hythrain (Host) 


🔥Indie Games/Devs Section🔥

Got an indie game you want feedback on?

⚔️  How do I submit my entry? - Hit the Join Jam button at the top of the page. Once the jam has started, it will be replaced by a "Submit Entry" button. From here you will be able to create a game page for your entry or simply add your existing game to the jam. 

⚔️  Does my game have to be finished? - No, demos, alphas and even prototypes are accepted (unless this is an event about specific phases of development)

⚔️  Can I reuse assets and code from other jams? - Yes, old games are encouraged!

⚔️  What tools may I use? - All game engines are accepted.  Some popular games engines include: Unreal, Unity, Godot, and Construct2

🔥Game Curation

Mini Feedback Quest events are intended to be much smaller than our main events. To do this, we restrict the number of accepted games. However, submission order isn't the only deciding factor. Mini Feedback Quests have a simple curation process; all games are placed into a priority level that makes them more likely to be accepted into the event. There are five primary levels along with two sub levels. Keep in mind that all Mini Feedback Quest events will have a minimum of 5 games.

Feedback Quest - RPG will be accepting 10 games for this event.

⚔️ Level 1-A: The game being submitted has never been part of any Feedback Quest events, whether mini or not. This is the top level, with all games here getting first priority save for the last two slots which are reserved for 1-B and 1-C respectively.

⚔️ Level 1-B: The game being submitted has a crowdfunding campaign starting either during or within two weeks of the event's end. If we have multiple games submitted that fall under this but only one slot, it will be at the admin's discretion who is given the slot. Organization of events and crowdfunding campaigns can be done in the Indie Questing Discord to ensure you get a mini event in time to cover your game for your campaign as well as to avoid running yours at the same time as others. 

⚔️ Level 1-C: The game being submitted will be released within two weeks of the event's end. If we have multiple games submitted that fall under this but only one slot remaining, it will be at the admin's discretion who is given the slot. 

Any non-reserved slots will then be open to 1-B and then 1-C before going to level 2. 

⚔️ Level 2: The game being submitted has been part of a past Feedback Quest event but it has been over 3 months since they were last featured in any event. This is intended to coincide with the planned schedule of a new main event every 3 months. 

⚔️ Level 3: The game being submitted has been part of a past Feedback Quest event within the last three months, but based on their changelog there have been big changes and additions to the game.

⚔️ Level 4: The game being submitted has been part of a past Feedback Quest event within the last three months, but based on their changelog there have not been any significant changes or additions to the game. 

⚔️ Level 5: The game's developer did not follow all submission requirements. As such, they are placed here regardless of any other factors.



The actual rule or guideline will be listed in bold text. Everything after a rule or guideline is additional info to explain a rule or guideline.

⚔️1. All games submitted must adhere to Itchio's submission policies. âš”️

Any game found in violation will be reported to Itchio. Streamers must follow all community guidelines and rules from whatever website they're streaming from. Offenders will be reported immediately to their respective platforms and removed from the event without warning. Here are links to these sorts of policies:

Note that these aren't all platforms and that you should check all policies for any platform you use. 

⚔️ 2. Games heavily featuring modern real world politics & religion are not allowed. âš”️

This is an international event with people from all walks of life. To be inclusive to all, we have to forbid games that could be controversial. Note that games that have political or religious stories that are contained to their own world are perfectly okay, as are period pieces that take place in certain periods of history so long as the developer doesn't try to glorify things that are historically seen as bad. Games that don't follow this will be removed immediately while the developer is given a warning.

⚔️ 3. Artpiece games are only permitted in events designed for these games. âš”️

Artpiece games that are submitted will be removed immediately while the developer is given a warning.

⚔️ 4. Game developers are only permitted to submit one game per event. âš”️

Additional games that are submitted will be removed. Repeat violations in a short period of time will result in a warning as well as having their game placed at the lowest priority level.

⚔️ 5. If a game has been in any previous Feedback Quest event, the submission must include a changelog record of significant changes or additions from the last time it was feature in an event. ⚔️

Not including this changelog will see the game placed at the lowest priority level. 

⚔️ 6. Developers should not remove their games during events and should discuss with Indie Questing admins before removing after an event. âš”️

This is to avoid disrupting an event with a game that's suddenly missing and to also ensure we can keep a record of games that have been in an event. Removal without taking the appropriate steps may result in not being allowed in a future mini event. 

⚔️ 7. Every game should have a short description of the hook of the game. âš”️

These should give a brief idea of what the game is about, note specific things the developer would like feedback on, and note any mechanics that could be seen as an issue without knowing it's intentional. For mechanics the developer wishes to be discovered, they can just say that there is a hidden mechanic that is intentional.

⚔️ 8. Ensure all criticism given is constructive. âš”️

This is so the developer can try to fix the problem without guess work. The best way to do this is explain what the problem is, how it feels and, if possible, suggest ideas for how to get around it.

⚔️ 9. Please try to save big updates until after the event. âš”️

While developers are welcome to update their games immediately following feedback, saving big updates to do after the event allows those updates to be included in the changelog. If you choose to update mid-event, know that any changes made can't be included in future changelogs.

⚔️ 10. We recommend all participants to join the Indie Questing Discord. âš”️

Streamers are expected to share news of their event streams here, so we generally see it as a good idea for devs to join too!

⚔️ 11. Developers should let streamers know if they are present in the stream while their game is being played. âš”️

⚔️ 12. Streamers should let developers whose game they are streaming know if they are okay with backseating. âš”️

⚔️ 13. Remember that everyone involved in these events are people. ⚔️

If a streamer is giving negative criticism on a game mechanic and the developer is explaining their thinking on it, the streamer needs to recognize that people can get defensive in the heat of the moment and that they're not being rude. They're explaining things so that you can see their intent. Similarly, developers must recognize that streamers can miss what you're after or even go off on their own or may even make jokes to make the stream entertaining. Whatever the case may be, treat everyone here as though they're a good friend and respect them.

⚔️ Any rule that gives a warning is subject to a two-strike ruling. If someone is given a warning and then violates another rule within one year's time, they will be banned from Mini Feedback Quest events for one year. If they have a third rule violation within 2 years after returning, they will be banned from all Mini Feedback Quest events. âš”️


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