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Fallen is a tabletop RPG for the Baroque & Grim. Set in a strange and mysterious 17th-19th century, it encourages exploration of the supernatural, horrific, or historic. It is a game meant to ooze atmosphere, strangeness, and mystery. Find ruins, cemeteries, towers, farmsteads and dark woods. Steal Incantations from Magicians, take contracts for hunting a terrifying creature.

  • This is an unranked jam, without prizes etc. I will create a Fallen Collection to collect submissions that are compatible with Fallen
  • This jam is not open to submissions that espouse and celebrate shitty social behaviors - you know what that means
  • Submit as many as you’d like!
  • You are welcome to sell your creations!

Ideas – We are excited to grow the world of Fallen in many directions. Here are some possible options.

  • Adventures (Which we are calling "A Disturbance" - for any site-based exploration/combat/action)
  • Postcards
  • Pamphlets
  • NPCs
  • Creatures
  • Rare Weapons
  • Incantations
  • Locations
  • Curios
  • Illustration Packs
  • New Foldings
  • Lore
  • Alternate Skills


  • If you tweet out your submission with @perplexingruins, I'll be happy to share your creation!
  • Join the Discord to see what others are up to, ask questions, see some art and other influences: FALLEN DISCORD


Art for the game so far is generally stark, black & white. It is grim, rough, textured, strange, rooted in history, supernatural. These are merely keywords.

  • There are many Public Domain images associated with the collections of many museums
  • There are a number of Patreons that offer neat art
  • Create your own!


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A procedural forest crawl for Fallen RPG
A plague-ridden shithole for Fallen and other grim RPGs
A rare and wonderful artefact for the Fallen RPG.
Un juego de rol de fantasía sombría y barroca - Edición en español.
An evil creature lurks beneath the water. Usable for Fallen and other OSR inspired games.
Transparent .pngs for your grim dark ttrpgs
Haunted incidents and encounter for use in horror and dark fantasy TTRPGs
7 settings for any system
Two-page rules summary for Fallen
A bookmark character sheet for the Fallen RPG
A Disturbance for Fallen.
A d666 table of professions for characters in the Fallen RPG.
This is a pack of hexagons for use in citycrawl style games with Durero's engraving style generated with Craiyon
Hoja de personaje diseñada por Fran Vidal
Rules enabling players to seek guidance from the spiritworld in Fallen RPG.