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Let's make some zines!

The Electric Zine Maker is a printshop for making zines and other cute little things.
With the latest really big EZM update finally being out, it's about time there is another Electric Zine Jam!

The rules are simple:
🎉 It's zines. There are no rules!  💕

Make a zine, piece of art, tiny game, pdf, cute little printed thing... using the Electric Zine Maker.
Don't know what to make? Have writers block? Have great ambitious ideas? Great! You can make it about anything you like, or nothing at all!
Past submissions have been about food, personal stories, or being queer. Your work doesn't even have to be good. It's DIY culture. All zines are good zines!

When you are done, upload your creation to and submit it here.

You can also make a browser version of your zines using EZM reader, or just upload whatever you saved in the Electric Zine Maker.

Submissions uploaded to will be added to the "made with the Electric Zine Maker" collection.
I will also make every effort to feature them like I did for the last Electric Zine Jam.

Thank you for joining this jam!  😍 😊


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zine on learning from & living with it
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A small zine made to express all of it
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A Zine powered TCG
concept of concept of girlxgirlxhouse
Visual Novel
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a zine about getting even.
It's a historical porn zine, about a very specific desire
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EZM zine about guilt and wanting approval from a father figure
Les poèmes de l'été
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A zine of original poetry made for Electric Zine Jam 2.0!
Just a zine about my oc
zine about potateys
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A few digital collages from a time of stress
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Hub Gub, Bub! It's a series of strange images!
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zine about being an animal with a highly questionable brain.
a zine about counting.
short furry zine submission for electric zine jam 2.0
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a zine about having a hot werewolf bf. (+18)
a little zine about getting dressed up