Submission open from 2017-10-02 03:50:17 to 2017-10-31 06:59:59
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You shudder, walking through the night breeze. Lights are flickering off in the distance and your chance of reaching safety in time is slimming. A shadow moves swiftly to your left; your gaze darts towards it but it disappears. Suddenly your eyes widen as you see your end approach before you ... a looming ECTOCOMP 2017 has arrived!

ECTOCOMP is an annual competition for interactive fiction written for the SPOOKY MONTH OF HALLOWEENTOBER. Whether you celebrate Halloween, Day of the Dead, All Saint's Eve, or just love ghost stories and creeping people out, this is your time to shine (in, like, a spooky ghostly way)!

As per tradition, Ectocomp has two categories:

  • La Petite Mort, for those who want to speed-write their game in 3 hrs or less
  • Le Grand Guignol, for games that, for whatever reason, took longer than 3 hrs to write (perhaps a more thoughtful masterpiece? perhaps spent too much time writing SCARY DETAILS?)

This year, we also have Ectocomp in Español! To make hosting the comp on work, we've split Ectocomp into two separate jam pages and two languages, English and Spanish (That's a total of four jam pages).

You are looking at Le petite Mort (English), for games rushed in 3 hrs or less (use the map below to change locations).


La petite Mort (English) <-- YOU ARE HERE

Le Grand Guignol (English)

La petite Mort (Español)

Le Grand Guignol (Español)


  1. Games submitted for La Petite Mort should be written in 3 hours or less.
    1. Any time spent planning, thinking, doodling, researching, etc does not count.
    2. Any time spent writing words or code that end up in-game totally does count. 
      1. (With the exception of if you wrote game engine or library code in the past and now you're using it.)
  2. Games should be recognizably "interactive fiction". (Comp admins are not here to police edge cases, but if your game isn't primarily text-based, why are you here? Go enter AsylumJam instead!)
  3. Games should be, y'know, spooky somehow. (Serious, psychological, campy, satire, etc all included)

Go forth and write!