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The annual DURF Jam is back for its third year! A month to hang out with other creators and brew some fun supplements or adventures for DURF.


DURF is a rules-light dungeon-fantasy tabletop RPG inspired by the best of both the old and the new school of TTRPGs. It's free to download and designed to be a bare-bones system you can stick things on top of without having to worry too much about it fucking up some obscure rule.

Check out the DURF Collection for a bunch of things folks have already made for DURF!

Jam Rules

  1. Make whatever you want as long as it is at least tangentially related to DURF.
  2. No nazis, terfs, bigots, etc. Go rot in a corner somewhere else. If you have to ask, it probably includes you.
  3. No AI art. Just scribble something yourself (it's for fun, it doesn't have to be "good"), or check out the art resources below :)
  4. You can charge whatever you want for your submission. You're worth it.

Optional Restriction and Theme

If you need some more restrictions to fuel your creativity, try to make something inspired by this year's theme or something that would fit on just one sheet of paper. Print on both sides, fold it, twist it, bop it, cut it, make a PocketMod, do whatever with it as long as it can be printed on a single sheet of A4 or Letter paper.

This year's optional theme is:

"Under Pressure"


If you're looking for a place to bounce around ideas or lurk to see what other folks are brewing, come hang out in the CULT OF THE LIZARD KING Discord!

Good luck, and don't forget to enjoy yourself :)

What about DURF: Expanded?

Some of you might be aware that an updated version of DURF is in the works under the working title "DURF: Expanded" and that there is an early version of it currently available on my Patreon. So this might raise the question of backwards compatibility: will things you make for this jam still be usable with this new expanded version of DURF when it releases in mid/late 2024? 

Short answer: Probably yes.

Long answer: DURF Expanded will be backwards compatible with original DURF in most regards without any conversion. There are however, small changes that might be a problem depending on how much the thing you make uses those parts of the rules. Here is a list of the biggest changes.

Of course, I'm always available for question in the Discord if you'd like to know more or need help :)

Art Resources

To enhance your creations here is a list of artists who offer ready-made resources on their Patreons, DriveThru or Itch. Additionally, you can always use public domain art :)

  • You are free to use any of the illustrations found in my Free CC-BY Art Library.
  • Bertdrawsstuff has a Patreon with some really cool illustrations for you to use!
  • Hairic Lilred has a nice PWYW fantasy art pack available here on Itch.
  • Brooklet Games has some great pieces available on his Patreon, available at the Game Maker tier!
  • Carlos Castilho's DriveThru page has a lot of fascinating stock art pieces and they're a part of Ink Potion Studios, who are creating a ton of great illustrations for their patrons to use.
  • Evlyn Moreau also has amazing illustrations available on her Patreon which I highly recommend!
  • Perplexing Ruins has Patreon with breathtaking art available for personal and commercial use!
  • There are lots of evocative pieces from Feral Indie Studios available here!

If you're offering art assets anywhere and would like to be included in this list, shoot me a message on Twitter or on Discord.


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A dungeon crawl inspired by The Island of Dr. Moreau. Compatible with Cairn and DURF.
A Low-HD Dungeon for DURF
A Hireling Supplement for DURF
Additional combat rules, weapons & weapon traits for DURF,
Campaigns of Gothic Horror
A DURF hack with classes and personal adjustments (still under W.I.P.)
An investigative horror game for bold investigators
A toolkit for duet sessions with Durf
DURF boss genarator based on Monster of the Week rules
A game of the Zombie Apocalypse powered by DURF!
Post-apocalyptic mutant RPG
Weird archetypes from a weird region for DURF
A Dungeon Supplement for DURF, Utilizing the Iconic Ravensburger Board Game Labyrinth
A low level dungeon for DURF
An underwater adventure for seasoned adventurer
Create OSR treasure with a 3d10 table!
A DURF expansion
Additional Rules to simulate high stakes moments in a DURF Game.
A Gang Brawler RPG
A relaxing resort that is not cursed at all
A card crawl mechanic supplement for DURF
An Adventure location for DURF
A character archetype for DURF
Low HD dungeon for Gamma DURF
A DURF clumsy magic extension
Uncover an ancient threat beneath the idyllic Isle of Keyhaven in this introductory module to OSR play. Made for DURF.
A land threaded by rails connecting grim cities. A world of lost gods, terrible angels, feral industry and odd powers.
A WIP Monster Hunter-like TTRPG
a DURF supplement. Inspirstion for using Guilds in your TTRPG
A pamphlet adventure set inside a bubble for DURF!
Name-based Alchemy for DURFies
A soul powered death mecha trifold module for adventure rpgs
A Durf Archetype
A DURF Archetype Book
A digital character sheet for the DURF RPG
Run in browser
A set of half finished DURF hacks, add-ons and supplements I won't be able to finish any time soon
a treasure-hunting fantasy adventure game