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What is Devember?

Devember is a game jam encouraging participants reach development goals during their free time over the holiday festival season. The guidelines are:

  • Join whenever you like, or bring your current project on board
  • Work on your game every day until the end of the year. Make it a habit to finish daily goals, no matter how small
  • Post regular updates on your development process on Twitter with the hashtag #devember to be retweeted by the @DevemberJam account
  • At the end of the jam, write a postmortem and share post any final product

Why participate?

  • Have your prototypes and progress seen by a larger audience!
  • Celebrate the holiday season with other game designers!
  • Your screenshots and devlogs will be shared and retweeted!


Wait out the winter cold by keeping the development hearth burning warm! Make reaching your goals a holiday gift to yourself, and start the New Year with that prototype you've been dreaming of.

The only theme here is to reach your development goals through steady progress. While several of us may choose to focus on seasonal, autumnal, or holiday-themed games, this choice is completely up to the creators.


Devember was inspired by Devtober 2019 (and in turn Inktober), which aim to push artists and creators to meet their own creative goals. In addition to this purpose, we also hope to keep developers engaged over the holiday season, as well as to connect creators who may otherwise be working alone over the winter.

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