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Hello, World!

Death and the Internet Game Jam is for creating physical games or video games featuring, about or based around dead things on the Internet. This jam came about as an idea to commemorate the end of Internet Explorer which was officially retired on June 15, 2022. As the Internet progresses, the memories we keep on it can disappear at any moment unless we make an effort to preserve them.

If you're unsure what this game jam is about, here are some interesting themes from the original Tweet:

‣ Dead or defunct software, degradation, lost memories, ambient archiving, webcore or vaporwave art and digital history.
‣ The march of time and how it changes familiar things.
‣ Internet memes, conspiracies, cursed chain letters and early forum communities from the 90s until early 2000s.

‣ Keeping to or emulating the limitations and innovations of games from before the late-2000s.
‣ The era of Internet Tool Bars and instant messengers (AIM, ICQ, Usenet, MSN).
Popular websites or communities you used to visit (Netscape, GeoCities, NewGrounds, early Youtube, Machinima).
‣ Nostalgic technology and gadgets (Dial up modems, HTML code easter egg hunts, demo discs, CRT monitors, Torrents).

The birth of the Internet (January 21, 1983) or your first encounter with it.
‣ Experiments and art from your online childhood (MsPaint, netzines, WordArt, blogs, disorganized fonts on an animated space background).
‣ Friends or things you made online but forgot about.
‣ If you never saw the early Internet, what do you think it was like?

Your game can be any genre, if you want to make a webcore platformer, text-based forum simulator or anime fansite role-playing game go ahead. No genre is off limits as long as it involves the themes of the jam in some way. Get experimental!

Lastly, please also remember this is not a game jam just about the 90s. This is a game jam about the early days of the Internet at heart.

We have a community section which you can find here! If you're new to creating games, this could be helpful to you. In there, you will find more resources and tools to help you get your game started.

If you want to share your progress or ask more questions, you can also use the #DeadInternetJam hashtag on Twitter! You can also find updates and showcases for other submissions.

If you want to contribute more to the jam, you can also help spotlight other creators by talking about their games, writing feedback and rating a submission or two.

- Make your game free or provide community copies so everyone can give feedback. You can charge for it after the jam.

- Make your project within the jam time. Please ask for extensions in the community but they are not guaranteed.

- Be respectful and not overly offensive, if your game contains 18+ content please make a note of it on the game page.

- Respect the community.

- You can work in a team if you desire to do so.

- Any engine, physical format and asset packs are allowed.

- Please do not submit any projects made outside of the jam. All submissions should be made during the jam's period.

- Assets not made yourself are allowed but please credit the original creator.

- State if your game is a video game or a physical game. You can do this in your product page or tagline.

- Have fun and good luck!

The text for this landing page is based on MechJam III's page. Please go and check them out too!
The space background for this landing page is by "sunshiney" which is archived here.


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