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A lot of people have told me that the first Caltrop Core game jam was their first time ever making a game! I'm so unbelievably honored, I can't even explain. And with version 1.0 finally released, I figure it's about time to show off what we all learned the first time around!

The only rule for this jam is: Make a Caltrop Core game before the end of April!

If this is your first time making a Caltrop Core game (or a game of any kind), welcome! You can get a free copy of the standard reference document (SRD) by clicking here:

Join my Caltrop Corps Twitter Community here: That's where we'll have discussions and where you can ask questions of other game designers!

And now for something REALLY special. I'm announcing...

The Caltrop Core Microgrant

As a queer poc, I want to see more people like me building games on my SRD. So I'm opening applications for a special microgrant ahead of the game jam.

Requirements to be considered for this microgrant:

• Age 18+

• Queer identity (aro/ace INCLUDED)

• Person of color

• An idea for a game built on Caltrop Core!

What You'll Get

• $50 to use however you wish, paid at the time of acceptance

• Official title of "Caltrop Core Microgrant Recipient"

• Additional support from myself and The Caltrop Corps Twitter Community in developing the game

• Marketing support from my account and potential marketing coaching

• Consideration for a future Caltrop Core anthology (long term goal)

For more information and the application itself, click the link below.


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GMless pixelcore vertical hexcrawl #CaltropCore
A Caltrop Core TTRPG of cosmic chaos in a cab - with cats!
An immersive solo soulslike TTRPG to be played in 2-3 hours.
A Tabletop Roleplaying Game where you're the villain
A Dark Magical Girls Game built on Caltrop Core
A melancholy game that asks you to be light in a dark night
A slice-of-life simulation about the frustrations of life 🐟
Build a world. Create life. Make myths. A two-person Caltrop Core game about demigods fleeing disaster.
A solo defense game in Caltrop Core.
A solo journaling TTRPG about foretelling the future, duty and desire
The real workers of the Magi Circle
A monstrously fun and fast paced disaster TTRPG
A post apocalyptic OSR inspired Caltrop Core game of survival, scavenging and exploration.
Yakuza inspired Tabletop Roleplaying Game based on Caltrop Core!
A TTRPG about unethical underground fighting.
A cooperative farm defense game of courageous cows!
This Caltrop Core game promises a groovy time, mixing the chaos of the Fae realm with the glitz of Disco!
Queer pirate TTRPG about love on the high seas
Based on The Magnus Archives podcast, face your fear before they sink their claws into our world.
Cyberpunk psychics in a floating, neon lit city.
Dueling Mini Game
A soloable worldbuilding game about corporate contractors making a planet and a profit.
Where magic melded with technology and gave birth to a new sentient race
A mini adventure made using Caltrop Core, and inspired by cartoons such as 'The Animals of Farthing Wood'!
Work as a team through chaotic conditions to research and save animals in need!
A caltrop core game
A Planetary Romance RPG built with the Caltrop Core System
Chase your dreams in a city with an organized crime problem. TTRPG.
A Battle Royal, Hide and Seek Game for all sorts.
A murder mystery table top RPG built on Caltrop Core
A Fantasy Role-Playing Game of Hunting Beasts
A simple little game in which you play out the life of a horse.
You and your friends are raccoons out to steal some supplies from the local suburbs.
A Caltrop Core Game about
A Caltrop Core game that explores the quiet horror of liminal spaces.
A heist TTRPG for our current day hellscape
Fight against norms! Say "no!" to the happily ever after society demands! Take back your lives from the Fairy Godmother!
A Caltrop Game about precocious children and useless adults.
Death is just part of the cycle. Here dying has never been more important.
Submitted for the Caltrop Core Jam II.
A Rules-Lite TTRPG of Blood Sucking and Swashbuckling Chaos
Survive the Sea in this quick-to-run TTRPG!
Dive into your memories and explore the rabbit holes.
A Heist TTRPG built on Caltrop Core
A dueling rpg between two terrible wizards using the Caltrop Core system.
A Caltrop Core Game of Delicious Fright
A Food Competition Roleplaying Game
A Weird West roleplaying game about debt-ridden outlaws
TTRPG one-shot about math zealots 'helping' people in space
A skirmish game that turns any chess set into a cosmic battlefield!
A quick and dirty soulslike for the Caltrop Jam 2
Smuggling and swashbuckling among the clouds.
Turn on some third-wave ska and turn into a horrific amalgamation of human flesh with your friends!
Role Playing
A fanmade RPG based on El Goonish Shive, made for Caltrop Core Jam 2!
A Frog Revolution Caltrop TTRPG by Mathieu Atallah
A game about daring missions, unforeseen consequences, and the AI that solve them.
a caltrop core game of jamming spells in boats to fly through space
a styleguide for those wanting to join in their local tablestuck!
A game about heroes that can´t die.
A free RPG made for the Caltrop Core Jam about animal revolutionaries, trying to bring down industrial man.
You're a simple fortune cookie in this solo RPG. Turn someone's Unlucky week into something special.
The story of getting together with friends and solving problems while having absurd adventures
Make your way up from Servant to Sovereign
it's the end of the world and we're throwing a party
A Steampunk Sports' Drama RPG powered with Caltrop Core
A Gothic Action TTRPG Powered by Caltrop Core
A Retro-Punk Game of Occult Technomancy
Karate kids solving karate problems using karate
A game about a not so cold war
Do your part in a Satirical TTRPG about war and movies.
Use this game/tool to raise the stakes, one layer at a time, in an uncertain situation in any TTRPG.
The Movie Serial Role Playing Game
A pulp sci-fi adventure RPG written with Caltrop Core
Rescue some lost wolvaren pups!
A 1+ Player GM-less ttrpg Based on the Caltrop Core system
Tense and difficult ttrpg with flexible rules
A one to two session story game about heroic sacrifices, where everyone dies at the end.
Robots finding their emotions in a world set against them
a queer caltrop core furydream
Ever wanted to play a party of Flumphs? n-no? well shit…