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We're back, baby!

Last year's BXLLET JXM was a wonderful time (thank you again Vermin for hosting it!), and with the game's one-year anniversary I wanted to give it another shot. Haha. (cough) Anyway. The jam's gonna run for a month (though late submissions are always accepted), and just like last year every single entry's gonna get a shoutout on the BXLLET twitter account, as well as my eternal love and devotion. Make something cool, have fun, and check out everyone else's fantastic submissions!

Incredible thanks to Ditey for its fantastic graphic design work for this jam, and for making the original BXLLET sing. Check out [BXLLET>; the all-new RXLOAD, featuring callbacks to every submission to last year's jam; and join our Discord!

• No hateful, bigoted, or scummy submissions allowed. Obviously. BXLLET is an anarchist, antifascist, anticapitalist game, and if that makes you uncomfortable, leave.
• Put a price tag on your submission! There's a lot of pressure out there to undervalue your work, especially when it comes to jam submissions, but you put time and effort into it and deserve to have that respected. If you're worried about a price tag keeping your game out of peoples' hands, here's a great resource for setting up free community copies.
• All submissions should be engaging with BXLLET and/or the topics it's discussing. If you'd like a copy of BXLLET and can't afford it, there's community copies on its page and I also give out keys to it, no questions asked. If you're curious about the other work that's been done for BXLLET, check out last year's jam submissions here!


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A remixed love letter to the Wastes
Chainsaw Man meets BXLLET
Power-Building & HQ Mechanics for [BXLLET>
Ideas made flesh carry out the divine will of Berlin.
Adventure supplement for [BXLLET>
A Hexcrawl for Bxllet and other post apocalyptic ttrpgs
Class supplement for [BXLLET>
A Bulletcrawl In Headspace
Class supplement for [BXLLET>
Class supplement for [BXLLET>
ghosts, feedings, essays, journals, beasts, a parking lot
Extra classes for Rathayibacter's [BXLLET>
A TTRPG scenario for Rathayibacter's [BXLLET>
A cognitohazard for Rathayibacter's TTRPG, [BXLLET>
A Descent Into a Bunker for [Bxllet>
A handful of NPCs for [BXLLET>