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The Beasts of the Wastes bay, the Townsfolk cower, and the Capitalists gather resources like reigns. You've got a pocket full of death and a piece of what destroyed the Old World, and it whispers power in your ear wherever you go.

Welcome to [BXLLET>, Time to JXM!

This jam is about making supplements for [BXLLET>! Consider making any of the following:

  • Classes!
  • Gear Lists!
  • Specific NPC's!
  • Random Tables!
  • Dungeons?!
  • New Systems!
  • Tools!
  • Totally New Games Based on [BXLLET>!
  • Something I haven't fuckin thought of

To quote the game:

And a final note. This isn’t a game where the good guys with guns will stop the bad guys with guns, and if you’re still clinging to that fantasy this game isn’t for you. If you’re fascist, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, capitalist, conservative, reactionary, or willing to go to bat for any of the scum-sucking pieces of shit listed here, this game isn’t for you either. Get out.

If you can get behind that, go ham!

And, if yr submitting games here, please consider linking to [BXLLET> or to Rath's itch page. Pay it forward. Make great stuff.


I'm really excited to announce that [Bxllet> Jxm is partnering with TPK Roleplay to host an actual play of [Bxllet> featuring content created for the jam! It's happening as a part of TPK Con on Sunday July 11th at 5pm Eastern 2pm Pacific! After the actual play is done, the folks on the stream will talk about [BXLLET>, game design and the Jam itself. All jam entries will get a shout out during the wrap up, which makes it a great opportunity to get eyes on your work! Join us **here**!


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A fantasy apocalypse supplement for [BXLLET> about a land covered in a writhing curse
A Psychic Splat For BXLLET
Classes and Content for [Bxllet>
A supplement for [BXLLET>
satellite network for [bxllet>
A TTRPG scenario for Rathayibacter's [BXLLET>
A Supplement for [BXLLET>
Tools and Slingers on the perhiphery of [BXLLET>
Forty weird powerful bullet types for [BXLLET> and a tool to use them
Class supplement for [BXLLET>
A Class and NPC Supplement for the [BXLLET> SXSTEM